Cybee NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.02 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



Website: Link




The Cybee is a massive collection of randomly generated robot NFTs that comes with batches. The first series on Polygon Blockchain currently consists of 10,000 Cybee, which are the pioneers of Cybee World coming into the Earth Metaverse.



Cybee World is one of the civilizations in this Universe, with a mature but crowded metaverse. Aiming to start Universal Immigration, Cybee World plans to build the largest and most accessible and prosperous community here.

Cybee NFTs

Cybee NFT is designed as the certification of Cybee DAO membership. When you mint a Cybee, you will also get $CBD token rewards.

Once you purchase a Cybee, your NFT will be synced on the website and OpenSea where you can view your Cybee. The second place is Coinbase wallet.

You could also manually import the NFT as a token in MetaMask wallet. (The NFT contract number is: 0x76ef199c0feea6da1278212bc8bf06d76ba3233f ) However, for your information, MetaMask does not support displaying Polygon NFTs very well right now.

Cybee NFT Mint Price & Public Sale Date

The mint price of Cybee NFT is 0.02 ETH. The Cybee NFT mint is live!

Cybee NFT Passive Income Distribute

The passive income comes from:

  • Cybee NFT selling profits
  • Transaction fees in the second market
  • Copyright income brought by Gamefi ecosystems

All Cybee NFTs will be sold on the website, and the sales revenue will be credited to the Cybee DAO wallet. After deducting all expenses for project operation, including but not limited to Invite to Earn incentives, staff salaries and marketing expenses, a portion of the net sales revenue will be distributed to all $CBD holders in a fixed time, such as quarterly or annually. The amount will be calculated based on the proportion of their holdings. Holders can withdraw the income on the official website. To ensure the transparency of Cybee DAO, it will be announced on the official website later. Everyone can check the balance.

Cybee NFT Roadmap

Cybee NFT Roadmap

1 Million NFTs Distribution
(300-500k Holders)

  • Second, Third… batches of NFT mint
  • 30%-35% rewards in $ETH for community members
  • Cybee NFT derivatives airdrop and tones of giveaways
  • Establish the biggest NFT community

Cybee Ecosystem

  • Design 3D visualization of each Cybee NFT
  • Design Cybee Hall (the first station in Cybee Miniverse)
  • Partnerships with GameFi developers for Cybee IP
  • Develop API of Cybee ecosystem for more game manufacturers
  • Launch of Cybee GameFi platform (Discover more games)

Cybee DAO

  • Cybee DAO Operation Rules comes out
  • More proposals come out, Cybee DAO leads the ecosystem
  • The rewards distribution in Cybee DAO community in phases
  • Share marketplace Royalty Fee of NFTs
  • Share copyright income of Cybee
  • Share Ecosystem Dividends from Dapps and GameFi

Cybee NFT $CBD

$CBD stands for Cybee DAO token. In total, 10,000,000,000 $CBD tokens are issued by Cybee DAO. They can be regarded as the early stocks of Cybee DAO and the currency that circulates in the whole ecosystem. In Cybee miniverse, $CBD tokens will be great assets and used in massive scenes, including (but not limited to):

  • Revenue Distribution from Cybee DAO
  • Vote on projects and proposals in Cybee DAO
  • Trade Cybee NFT in the future Marketplace
  • The main trading currency in Cybee Ecosystem
  • Update your Cybee and buy props in future Games
Cybee NFT $CBD

$CBD token acts as the Utility Token. Currently you can claim some tokens once you have minted Cybee NFT on the Web. For instance, if you mint X Cybee NFT on the Web, you can claim 4285.71*X tokens. Please be aware that those who purchase Cybee NFT on the secondary market cannot claim $CBD token rewards.

Once you claim tokens, you can trade in a Dex, such as Sushiswap. However, Cybee encourages you to keep $CBD tokens for more rewards. You can buy $CBD tokens in the Dex as well.

You can actually be able to claim my $CBD at any point. Once Cybee has deposited your $CBD rewards into your accounts, the only thing you need to do is to claim it at the website. But we don’t think it is wise to claim a small number of rewards when the gas fee is high. Cybee suggests you join more activities on Twitter or in the Discord channels to earn more rewards and claim them at a time.

Cybee NFT Invite To Earn – How It Works?

INVITE TO EARN is a game in that you can share your invite link to your friends anywhere, like Twitter, Telegram, etc. For each successfully invited mint, you will get generous ETH rewards and withdraw whenever you want!

How to Invite-to-Earn:

Step 1: Pose a tweet of your Cybee on Twitter, share the I2E links to different socials (The I2E link will only be given on the official site after you mint a Cybee).

Step2: Your friends need to click your link and mint Cybees successfully (notice: only the invitees mint Cybee NFTs via your I2E link or your first and second levels’ of invitees count).

Step 3: The ETH rewards will be dropped to your account, you can withdraw them whenever you want on the official site.

How Do I Get WL?

Cybee NFT don’t have WL. Cybee is a massive collection of randomly generated robot NFTs that comes with batches. The first series on Polygon Blockchain currently consists of 10,000 Cybees and they all have already been sold out. The 2nd batch Cybee minting is live now. Cybee in this for the long-run. No hype, NO FOMO. Just pure grind and hustle.