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Collection Count: 10K Item



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Dads on Twitter are hilarious! They’re always tweeting about the latest gadgets they’ve bought for their kids, or what their kids are up to. Sometimes they even tweet about the trials and tribulations of being a dad. And the list goes on and on.


September 10, 2021


Anthony Jay noticed that there was an increasing number of dads on Twitter who were also equally interested in crypto. And this gave birth to the CryptoDads NFT which has been storming the NFT marketplace.

In this article, we cover everything from the launch, to CryptoDads merch, sales and volume stats, mint price prediction, and more! Let’s dive right in!

CryptoDads NFT Overview

CryptoDads NFT Items10K
Unique Owners5.6K
CryptoDads NFT Floor Price0.038 ETH
CryptoDads NFT Volume Traded11.3K ETH

What Are CryptoDads NFT Collection

Launched on 10th September 2021, CryptoDads NFT is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated pieces of art. The concept behind CryptoDads NFT is that the art pieces portray dads who are amidst midlife crises and invest in coins or expensive JPEGS. While some dads end up making diamonds whereas others find themselves lost in the dark corners of the ETH blockchain.

The CryptoDads NFT project was founded by Anthony Jay who is also a web designer, and co-founder JCrypto who is also a social media influencer and marketer.

CryptoDads NFT Important Dates

On September 8th, 2021, a presale was announced on the official CryptoDads NFT Twitter handle. There was a 3-day presale hosted and buyers had to simply be a part of the Discord server, chat, and build the community to move up the levels. Following this presale, on September 11, 2021, the NFT was launched publicly with a CyrptoDad NFT mint price of 0.07ETH.

Cryptodads NFT Project Announcement

Here are the top 10 CryptoDads NFT sorted by their rarity. 

Cryptodads NFT Drop

On September 11, 2021, CryptoDads was live on Rarity Tools. According to the website, there are 14 traits that define the CryptodDads rarity. These traits are: 

  • Background
  • Skin
  • Mouth
  • Eyes
  • Dad Jokes
  • Clothes
  • Hat 
  • Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Eyewear
  • Neck
  • Jewelry
  • Holding
  • Accessory

CryptoDads NFT RoadMap And What’s Unique About Them

CryptoDads have launched its exclusive merch that encompasses jackets, tees, beanies, hoodies, bibs for newborns, aprons, posters, beer koozie, doge bandana collar and so much more. They also launched a limited edition #BIGDADENERGY Drink. In accordance with their roadmap, CryptoDads NFT launched CryptoMoms on 19th October 2021. CryptoDad holders were able to mint one CryptoMom for free.

Another exciting aspect of the CryptoDads NFT project was the launch of ‘The NFT Toolbox’. The team has released ‘The NFT Toolbox’ which consists of a series of videos for newbies that showcase how to set up a wallet, sell NFTs, etc.

What makes CryptoDads special is that the $20,000 will be donated for every 20% of sales to a Men’s mental health charity selected by the community along with 1% of all secondary sales at a later stage.

A metaverse integration, gaming partnerships, and airdrops are also in the works.

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CryptoDads NFT Mint Price And Statistics

According to Opensea, the current CryptoDads NFT mint price is at 0.04 ETH. The Floor price was 0.038 ETH at the time of launch and the CryptoDads NFT volume traded as of 25th January 2024 is 11.3K ETH. Whereas according to CryptoSlam the sales volume as of Jan 2024 in accordance with the 30-day trend is at $78, 694.

CryptoDads Price Prediction

At this stage, it is quite difficult to predict the future performance of CryptoDads NFT. However, the creative artwork and community have brought about immense growth to the CryptoDads collection. With celebrities also hopping onto the wagon, it is safe to say that project will prove to be a great investment.

How To Buy CryptoDads NFT

Giveaways are very frequently launched and announced on the CryptoDads NFT Twitter handle. Ensure that you follow all the instructions and guidelines while participating in these giveaways. It is important to note that many announcements are mostly made on the Discord Channel. So go ahead, and join the CryptoDads NFT community on Discord.

Cryptodads NFT Opensea Details

You can also buy CryptoDads NFT on secondary markets like Opensea. Furthermore, with its launch, you can also buy CryptoMoms NFT on the OpenSea. Beware that there are also many fake pages on Open Sea. Always buy from the official CryptoDads NFT page like this one:


The CryptoDads NFT has come a long way since its launch in September 2021. The team has been working continuously on new features, updates, and launches to the platform. CryptoDads NFT has definitely given us a lot to look forward to.

Want to be a part of the action? Check out CryptoDads NFT Open Sea, CryptoMoms NFT Open Sea, The NFT Toolbox by CryptoDads, the Official website, join the Discord channel, and follow the team on Twitter and Instagram.