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Public Sale Price: 0.02 ETH

Collection Count: 3,333 Item



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The Crypto Coven NFT was a collection of 3,333 witch-themed NFTs. It is an immersive, narrative-driven world-building experiment built on top of decentralized technology, intended to provide a strange (and hopefully warm) introduction to the realm for the uninitiated.


December 04, 2021


This project aims to bring some whimsy back into the web, starting with the odd wilds – a place where WITCHES can travel and stumble upon the kinds of bizarre and charming curiosities that first drew us in. We hope that these encounters may encourage the curious and daring to carve out their own space in this cosmos.

The Crypto Coven NFT collection was first launched on 31st October 2021. The writers describe this auspicious day as “the light of the moon reflecting a mysterious night on which the witches arrive.” If you look at the project’s statistics, it has a total number of 9.8k Items in OpenSea, and out of them, 4.9K items have been sold to various buyers. The total volume that was traded was 8.5K ETH.

Crypto Coven NFT Lore:

Crypto Coven NFT WITCHES are free to roam the strange wilds of the planet. They are made of beeswax and jackal teeth, and they flow from the moonlight and the rims of stars. They dance among the blazing ruins of citadels.

WITCHES dwell in the middle. In the gap between eyelids, on book spines. The Crypto Coven NFT WITCHES construct treasures out of toadstools, turmeric bricks, turpentine, and string. They use henna to add luster to their hair and blood to add shine.

WITCHES own the Milky Way. They’re astute in the real estate industry. They grasp little rocks in their soft hands and haggle them down to obtain a fair offer. They are collectors, curators, and equal ruby and refuse aficionados.

WITCHCRAFT is a game of intuition. It’s about listening to the silence, having the flexibility to travel anywhere one wants, and keeping everything in balance.

A Crypto Coven NFT WITCH does not mature in the manner you might expect; instead, they get weirder.

While no one can possess a WITCH, everyone may learn how to become one. And if you’re a WITCH, you can’t be tied – may you perform your rites naked until the last of your oppressors is dead.

Crypto Coven NFT Roadmap

  • The first Crypto Coven NFT, a succession of WITCHES on the Ethereum mainnet, will be formed. Each WITCH is a character with whom you may engage as our world begins to unfolad, one who follows you everywhere you go on this third iteration of the web.
  • A navigable map of the strange wilds, one that lists all known locations that only WITCHES can locate. Once all WITCHES have emerged, the core coven will begin to illumine the map.
  • The creation of the second generation of Crypto Coven NFT WITCHES on an accessible L2, allowing access to people other than those with the wherewithal to transact on the mainnet — and the possibility for the original coven to pick a different look if they so want.

What happens next? We want for more, but words are only echoes on the wind. We are artists, authors, and engineers dedicated to creating a bizarre and enthralling universe that is wonderfully portrayed and eerily written. We hope you’re intrigued enough to join us, no matter where this route leads or how far it goes. This theoretical universe is best created, explored, and enlightened in collaboration.


Crypto Coven NFT Mint Price And Details

The Crypto Coven NFT Price right now in OpenSea is 0.02 ETH which is the lowest, and it goes as high as 1000 ETH. It’s up to you to decide which one piques your interest. The Crypto Coven NFT Pre-Sale in which 3,333 witches were made accessible to active members on 31st October October 2021. Members were allowed to mint a maximum of 3 NFTs per wallet. Congratulations on getting it to their pre-sale if you are a member of their active member’s group.

Overview Of Crypto Coven NFT

On 4th December 2021, the public mint was established. Up to three witches may be acquired during the public sale, including any Crypto Coven NFTs created during the pre-sale.

Aside from that, 250 witches have been set aside for presents. A self-designed witch will be available to the core team (High Witches) and Contributors (Acolytes).

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How To Mint And Buy Crypto Coven NFT

Members were able to connect their Metamask wallet to the official crypto coven NFT Website to mint the NFTs, but as of now, they are all sold out, so you can’t do that anymore. Dont lose hope. All you need to do is head over to secondary marketplaces and buy them from the sellers who are selling the NFT.

  • Go to the Crypto Coven NFT OpenSea or Zora page.
  • Choose how many NFTs you wish to print.
  • Your transaction is finished in a matter of minutes. In your wallet, you may see your NFT collection.
  • You may also mint using Etherscan for this Crypto Coven project (which is a more advanced process).

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