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As a kid, if Digimon games and Neopets excited you, then get ready for Cool Pets NFTs! These adorable NFTs by Cool Cats are new to the block(chain) and plans to take over with its unique gamified platform! From completing quests and earning $MILK to collecting loot boxes, these tiny digital critters by Cool Cats NFT have loads in store!


February 01, 2022


Cool Pets NFTs Are Out Of The Bag! Check Out Their Details Here

Ready to know more about what these Cool Pets NFTs by Cool Cats are up to in the next few days? Today, we will delve into the world of Cooltopia, Cool Pets, in-game quests, planned-out Cool Pets NFT  roadmap, price prediction, sales stats, and more! Let us jump right into Cooltopia!

A Quick Cool Pets NFT Overview

Number of Cool Pets NFT items15.4K
Cool Pets NFT Owners Count7,973
Cool Pets NFT Floor price0.0392 ETH
Cool Pets NFT Mint Price0.5 Eth + gas
Volume Traded31,544 ETH

Cool Pets NFT: A Gamified Venture By The Coolest Cats In Town! 

Cool Pets NFTs by Cool Cats is an all-new, funky collection of 19,999 NFTs that start as eggs capable of successful holder interactions. They evolve into powerful elemental kitties through quests, items, and more! These programmatically and randomly generated NFTs are as unique as the Cool Cats NFT and even interactive! You can customize them with items from Cool Shop’s loot crates, send them to quests in Cooltopia’s Sapphire Town, earn $MILK, and evolve them to their elemental affinities!

If you are a Cool Cats NFT holder, you can claim one Cool Pet NFT for each of your tokens. They shall have the same ID as your Cool Cats. There are 9,999 Cool Pets NFTs for all Cool Cats holders, and the rest 10,000 are for public minting.

You can check out the Cool Pets NFT Twitter page, join their Discord, keep an eye out on the official page and purchase these uniquely customizable NFT pets from OpenSea.

Cool Pets NFTs: All About The Important Dates On The Timeline

Cool Pets NFT Sale Values Prices And Price Predictions

The Cool Pets NFTs are about to launch and become the soon-to-be successful interactive collectibles in the Cool Cats gamified universe, or Cooltopia. 

According to the Cool Cats Discord server, the Cool Pets “Allow List” minting opened on 1st February at 2 PM EST. It has a 24-hour duration. After this, the public minting will take place on 2nd February at 4 PM EST.

After these two awesome minting events, every holder can participate in the Cool Pets game universe launching on 3rd February 2022.

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Cool Pets NFT: The Meowtastic Journey Of Fun And Games!

The best part about these cutesy digital pet collectibles is that you automatically can claim one if you own a Cool Cats NFT! These cuties are now the talk of every digital space.

As a part of their planned out Cool Pets NFT roadmap, Cool Cats will offer a plethora of items to accessorize your pets. These are not just for looks but also help to gain powers. 

Cool Cats can yield you 1,000 $MILK per day. $MILK is an ERC20 token on Polygon and Ethereum. As a Cool Cat holder, you can use them to buy loot crates off the Cooltopia marketplace and Cool Shop, an in-app market. These crates contain various items that can grow your Coot Pets and influence its evolution and elements.

Currently, Cool Pets come with 4 elements. There are Air, Water, Fire, and Grass. Depending on your items used, interactions, and elemental affinities, your Cool Pet’s final evolution will be one of the 17 million unique combinations! Based on your used crate items and foods, there are around 4 million combinations for each element.

Are you looking to earn more $MILK? You can send your Cool Pets to quests for them! Thanks to Coolpedia’s gamified ecosystem, the $MILK currency can help you evolve your Cool Pets with loot box items and spend on acquiring quests to accumulate more. 

Since these are small creatures, they can handle 5 items per day. While accessories can help it evolve, the foods you feed it can determine its elemental affinity. Whichever element is the strongest during its evolution becomes the final elemental affinity.

Cool Pets NFT Sale Values, Prices, And Price Predictions!

Cool Pets NFT Sale Values

Floor Price and Mint Price

According to OpenSea and the official page, the Cool Pets NFT floor price on 24th January is 0.0392 ETH, and the Allow and Public Cool Pets NFT mint price is 0.5 ETH + gas. 

Sales Volume

The current sales volume for Cool Pets NFT on 24th January is 31,544 ETH. You can check out the ongoing stat changes on the Cool Pets NFT OpenSea page.

Cool Pets NFT Price Prediction and What is In-Store

Cool Pets NFT has a robust roadmap, rapidly growing ecosystem and major success of its preceding project (Cool Cats NFTs). Hence, it is likely that we we will see an increase in its price through its roadmap, rising sales volume, and in-game updates. 

How To Get Your Very Own Cool Pets NFT?

Now you might think, how to buy Cool Pets NFT? If you are already a Cool Cats NFT owner, you can claim one egg per Cat. Visit the official website and connect your MetaMask wallet. Click on the “Claim Eggs” button and select your very own egg! You can claim up to 50 pets per transaction. 

There are 1,500 mints allocated for Cool Cats holders and 1,500 + all Allow List overflow available for the public minting.

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Ready Your Cool Cats Quest Squad Today!

Cool Pets NFT’s contribution of fur, fun, and gaming adventures in the Cooltopia is unparalleled! From creating a gamified universe to offering cute, and evolvable NFTs, Cool Cats is full of surprises. So are you ready to cause a positive “cat”aclysm on the blockchain?

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