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Cool Monkes Genesis NFT is a project that will let you explore the Monke World in the Metaverse space. An Interactive Players Versus Environment (PvE) project that has a collection of 10000 Cool Monkes Genesis NFTs created on the Ethereum Blockchain.

 MINT DATE: January 17, 2022


Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Mint Price And Floor Price Explained

From earning $CMB, breeding Monkes, raising them, and finally exploring and unraveling resources, you must read this article ahead to hold your tiny space in the Monke World. Know more about Cool Monkes Genesis NFT, its rarity, the future roadmap, and growth statistics as you move forward whilst reading this article. 

Cool Monkes NFT Overview

Total Items9,997
Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Mint Price (Original)0.05 ETH
Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Mint Price (Whitelist)0.06 ETH
Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Mint Price (Public Sale)0.08 ETH
Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Floor Price 0.0049 ETH
Volume Traded9,560

(The above information stands valid as of January 24, 2024 

Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Monkeys With Accessories? 

Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Monkeys With Accessories 

For a very long time, humans have been wearing accessories to present their uniqueness. Well, now it’s time for monkeys to be as special and exquisite as humans with the Cool Monkes Genesis NFT. All these 10000 Monkes have been crafted with 250 hand-drawn traits. From their outfit, faces, to hats and colors, all of it gives a different look to each Cool Monkes NFT. 

Did I hear someone say, “Monkeys aren’t cool and cute”? If you think so, you are most certainly wrong. As a holder of Cool Monkes NFT, you will find your Monke as rare as any other NFT in the entire collection, and not to forget, their unique traits are undoubtedly interesting to buy and watch. Besides, wouldn’t you want to breed Baby Monkes and evolve them? You can make your customized Baby Monke NFT! But, for all of this, you will have to be a part of an interactive NFT game and obviously, the Cool Monkes Genesis NFT project. 

With Cool Monke NFT, you can participate in different community events, and get exclusive access to raising Baby NFTs. Based on the rarity of your Cool Monke NFT, you can stake a monke and earn $CMB. $CMB is a utility token for this project, and with this, you can avail the benefits of the Monke World Game. 

Since now you are going to be a caretaker whilst raising your baby Monke, you must have all the essential items required to raise a healthy Monke. Do not worry, you are going to have a stress-free experience with their Monke Store. At this store, you can redeem your $CMB and buy merchandise and goodies for your Monke. 

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How Unique Is Your Cool Monkes Genesis NFT? 

If you are a holder of this NFT, you would want to know how cool your Monke is. There are 8 rarity categories namely Cool, Cooler, Wild, Exotic, Epic, Elite, Legendary and? It is quite easy to guess, bananas! 

Each Monke NFT can only have a maximum of 4 traits. Whilst a UFO or a dinosaur outfit could be rarer, tank top and sunglasses are comparatively less rare. In order to determine your Cool Monke NFT’s rarity, you will have to earn $CMB through staking. The more $CMB you earn, the greater the rarity score your NFT has. 

Breed, Grow And Interact With Baby Monkes

The roadmap followed by the team is simple and fun. What will happen after you enter the Monke World? 

Cool Monkes NFTs that you buy are already well accessorized and grown-up. You can get them to work, and earn $CMB. This token serves the purpose of your entry to the next step. 

The next step is Breeding. If you have 2 or more Cool Monkes, you can breed and generate Next-Generation Baby Cool Monke. Here you will require $CMB to breed. 

Finally, raising the Baby Cool Monke. Raising a kid can be tough in real life, but Metaverse has made it all easy. It is up to you if you want to raise them to kids or adults, however, this has to be done via the interactive PVE experience. In order to raise your baby Monke, get the most special items from the Monkes Store using $CMB. 

Besides all these, there shall be few more revelations that will intrigue you. Their Monke world will include hidden quests, forest revelation, secret cave exploration and haunted house. After grabbing your Cool Monke NFT, you will also find yourself dropping by the Marketplace, hangout places in the Monke world and Monke bank. And lastly, have fun exploring their game as you compete against other Monkes in minigames. 

Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Launch Details And Price Prediction

Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Launch Details And Price Prediction

Cool Monkes NFT project was launched on January 17, 2022. Until January 21, the sales were stable and lesser. However, after January 22, the sales have been increasing in the upward direction.

Cool Monkes Genesis NFT price prediction says that seeing the sales increase, the price could be decreasing in the near future. 

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How To Buy Cool Monkes Genesis NFT Squad?

To be a part of this expandable metaverse experience, you can refer to the steps below:

  1. Go to the official website of Cool Monkes Genesis NFT (
  2. During the pre-sale, and public sale, you would get an option to mint in the website itself. 
  3. You will have to connect your wallet to the website in order to mint. 
  4. Currently, the public sale is already over. You can now buy and sell Cool Monkes NFT on the secondary platform.
  5. Visit Cool Monkes Genesis NFT OpenSea webpage in order to buy and sell NFTs. 

Do not miss out on any opportunity! Their community is expanding tremendously, be a part of their giveaways, and stay in the loop with their updates by following Cool Monkes NFT Twitter account. 


The Monke World seems fun, just like Clash of Clans, with farming your plot, hidden quests, breeding, secret cave exploration, and much more! To enjoy this PVE experience, you can be a part of the Cool Monke NFT Community. Just a heads up, their pre-sale was sold out in 15 minutes! 

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