Cool Girls NFT

Cool Girls NFT


Public Sale Price: 1

Collection Count: 3,333 Item



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The Cool Girls NFT project is a fun new initiative inspired by the ambition to utilize the revolutionary capabilities of web 3.0 to create a new generation of 18+ games, and all NFT holders will get 5000 Cool Coins as an airdrop. Cool Coin will be constructed as a deflationary currency, with the price rising owing to a decrease in supply and an increase in the value of the ecosystem’s products.

 MINT DATE: March 10, 2022


Cool Girls NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

The Cool Girls NFT is a collection of 3,333 adult girl NFTs, and each NFT will be the key to various financial goods within the expanding Cool Girls ecosystem of P2E games on Solana. Every Cool Girl will earn CoolCoins just by being cool, and members may utilize their NFTs to generate daily passive income, but bear in mind that Girls with higher rarity scores have greater staking prospects.

To access the play-to-earn game, members must first ensure that they are holders. This is the zone where your girls will do everything you want them to do. Play secretly with your girlfriend or against other Cool Girls NFT holders to earn cryptocurrency from them. The rare your girl is, the more her abilities and hence the more profit she makes. 

Cool Girls NFT Roadmap :

Cool Girls NFT

Phase 1 :

  • The team has created a stepwise Cool Girls NFT Roadmap to produce the finest goods and ensure the organic growth of the community.
  • Welcoming the new lucky holders who got their hands on the first 777 Cool Girls NFTs.
  • Verification on Solsea and DigitalEyes.

Phase 2 :

  • Cool Coin, a cryptocurrency that will fuel the ecosystem’s financial offerings, will be issued. Cool Coins will be airdropped to Cool Girls NFT holders after each new stage.
  • NFT Staking Pools will be released.
  • 999 Girls will debut with a new project, and the team will celebrate the introduction of the single-player version of its P2E game.
  • Cool Girls NFT Marketplace will be launched, and improvements to the roadmap.

Phase 3 :

  • Cool Girls will be introduced to a bigger audience. As the supply of fresh NFTs decreases and the community grows in size, listing on exchanges becomes incredibly valuable. This is where the members will profit from exchanging their Cool Girls NFTs on marketplaces.
  • The Play to Earn game’s multiplayer mode will be introduced. You will be able to view your girlfriends at work and play with them in the game.

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Cool Girls NFT Drop Date And Mint Price Details

The Cool Girls NFT price will be 1 SOL, and the public mint will start on 10th March. The WL sale will also begin on the same day; there’s no limit as to how many NFTs you can mint per wallet. The Cool Girls’ second Project will release on 1st April, and its mint price will be 2 SOL. 

How To Mint Cool Girls NFT :

  • Set up Solana wallet (Phantom wallet).
  • Buy & Deposit SOL. You can buy some on the exchange you like, such as FTX, Coinbase, Binance, etc., and then withdraw them into your wallet.
  • Before you mint, make sure the mint website URL is the same as in the Cool Girls NFT Twitter and Discord.
  • Click the “connect wallet” button, choose Phantom or your favorite wallet, and Approve to connect to this website.
  • To mint, click the “MINT” button and approve the transaction in Phantom, that’s all.
  • You should now be able to view your minted NFTs in the Collectibles section of your wallet.

 You can join the official Cool Girls NFT Discord or Twitter channels to know more about the Project.

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