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Public Sale Price: 1.3169 ETH

Collection Count: 20K Item



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The CloneX NFT Collection is one of the market’s most popular collections and has seen a 135 percent rise in transactions to $90 million during the last week. More than 2700 purchasers connected with CloneX NFTs in January 2022, generating over $165 million in sales volume.


January 12, 2022


CloneX NFT collection is the first NFT avatar set you can easily transport wherever you go. Japanese artist Takashi Murakami produced it with the computerized sneaker maker RTFKT (pronounced ‘artifact’). CloneX is one of the most highly anticipated NFT projects to date.

CloneX NFT collection is not only Metaverse-ready and offers high-end avatars but also signals the beginning of a community-focused ecosystem that prioritizes quality. RTFKT Studios held a public sale for its 20,000 CloneX avatars NFTs on social media, video games, movies, and other features both within and outside the Metaverse in late November 2021.

This community-driven project is all on quality, with high-end avatars that are ready for the Metaverse. In mid-November, a total of 20,000 NFT avatars were distributed, split between the presale and general sale. 

The key characteristic of this initiative is its openness. Clone X avatars come in various dress styles, accessories, and hairstyles. In truth, clones are created to reflect a wide range of ethnicities and skin tones, with no distinction between genders. However, it is not the last. Clones are sufficiently distinct that they include real-life characteristics such as vitiligo, a skin disorder. RTFKT has made these avatars extremely uncommon and precious. Because of the collection’s originality, it sold out rapidly.

What Are The CloneX NFT And Their Story?

CloneX NFT Collection

The project describes its tale as being led by three extraterrestrials on orbitar, a world located near the Draco galaxy. According to the website, human qualities and behaviors are copied and implanted into metaverse clones to “evolve people into more sophisticated entities,” according to the website. Humans are no longer present in their organic form in this evolved civilization but are represented by digital clones or avatars capable of traveling the cosmos in search of new dwellings.

They also intend to “transform all human consciousness into enhanced clone forms to construct the ultimate Metaverse.” This is one of RTFKT’s “most ambitious” projects ever since it marks the start of a full ecosystem for its members. RTFKT, founded in January 2020 by three friends, creates one-of-a-kind shoes and digital artifacts using NFT, blockchain authentication, augmented reality, and cutting-edge in-game engines.

The company began the project with shoes since they are already a cultural collectible and the greatest item to blend gaming with streetwear, according to co-founder Benoit Pagotto in a Forbes interview late last year, during the NFT project’s public launch.

For 20,000 clones, there are eight “DNA kinds,” each with differing degrees of rarity. Half of the clones are humans, and robots account for around 30% of the overall Clone supply. Angels and demons account for around 8.75 percent of CloneX, reptiles (1.25 percent), undead (0.6 percent), and Murakami’s (0.5 percent), with aliens being the most unusual (less than 0.15 percent ).

Each DNA type has its own variations, and roughly 15% of all Clones exhibit “Murakami Drip Traits.” Clone owners now have the option to customize their avatars further. They have access to 3D files where they may adjust properties to express themselves better.

Clones have a 5% secondary market royalty and two licenses: clones without Murakami Drip features, which may be freely marketed up to a value of $1,000,000, and clones with Murakami Drip traits, which presently do not have a commercial license. It is worth mentioning that all Clones have their own Space Pod, an airdrop that the CloneX NFT collection Discord and Twitter are quite pleased about.

CloneX NFT Roadmap

CloneX NFT Drop Details
  • RTFKT’s goal is to make the Metaverse easily accessible to its users. They’ve created a Clone meta vault to allow you access to 3D files of the avatars so you can use them across platforms. It is located in the 3D vault, where you may obtain live 3D file updates for your clone to use in the Metaverse. Downloadable formats include.blend.obj.fbx.MA, glb, and Unreal Engine.
  • RTFKT also hosts Forging events, where you may build one-of-a-kind tangible treasures from your clone. If you hold an NFT for which the startup is arranging a physical redemption, you can claim it through the forging events. To claim the item in person, first, establish an RTFKT account and then connect it to your Metamask or Bitski wallet. Your wallet must have the NFT that you want to forge, and once the event is live, simply follow the steps to choose your sizes and provide your mailing address.
  • The key to the forging process is your NFT, and each NFT grants you one tangible object. According to RTFKT’s official website, they will be participating in a number of similar events. Space Drip is the name of the next forging event, which will bring together 18 artists.
  • There is also Clonex Wearables, which is essentially a specialized Clone inventory with new collection drops. You may personalize your clones with various gear from creators and RTFKT.
  • Having a CloneX NFT also grants you exclusive access to the RTFKT ecosystem.
  • There are also space pods where you may show off your NFTs and socialize with other CloneX NFT owners. Space pods, which OnCyber powers, are only available to Clone X owners.

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CloneX NFT Mint Price And Details

CloneX Mint Price and Details

CloneX’s popularity has resulted in a floor price of 1.3169 ETH, the lowest price at which it is now accessible for sale, up from 0.05 ETH for the RTFKT presale and 3 ETH for the Dutch auction. Due to “too many attacks” at the time of its sale, RTFKT Studios had to suspend minting, which would restart the next day. Then, when the sale resumed, it sold out rapidly.

With the buzz around NFTs on the rise since last year and showing no signs of abating, you may be tempted to acquire some colorful NFTs as well. To obtain CloneX NFTs, you must do so on the secondary market. These NFT avatars are now for sale on OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace.

To purchase CloneX on this platform,

  • Go to the OpenSea website,
  • Search for the CloneX NFT,
  • You can either purchase it directly or make an offer.
  • You must now link your wallet. Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Kaikas, Bitski, Trust, and more wallets are supported by OpenSea.
  • Once connected, you will see information about your purchase, expected gas fees, and transaction processing time. Check that you have enough money to cover the gas expenses, which vary depending on network activity.
  • Once you’ve clicked the confirm button, your transaction will be processed, and you’ll have your NFT in a matter of seconds, which you can see in your collection.

Overall, it’s simple to understand how RTFKT and Murakami’s CloneX NFT partnership achieved blue-chip status. Nonetheless, we can only anticipate many more huge things from this wonderful NFT collection.