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Chosen Ones NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.25

Collection Count: 10,000 Item



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The Chosen ones are a unique play-to-earn NFT game project that is made by Fork Gaming. The Project does regular giveaways, prizes, and whitelist spots on its social media accounts, offering free mints. The Project has a good background as they are the creators of Infinity Esports, the largest professional Esports brand in Latin America, and have more than 100 players and 80 streams in League of Legends, CS: GO, and Dota2.

 MINT DATE: March 24,2022


Chosen Ones NFT Game Drop Details And Mint Price !

The Chosen Ones NFT is a collection of 10,000 Avatar NFTs that will be your character in the Play to earn NFT-based game. Each of these avatars is unique, with different skills having many trait combinations. Holders can use them as avatars in the metaverse or as characters in the future play-to-earn auto-battler game.

As its exclusive game production studio, the team has collaborated with Good Gamer Entertainment, a publicly listed business. It boasts a lot of gaming expertise from EA Sports, Disney, Mechwarrior, and Ad-tech executives who developed Native ads.

Chosen Ones NFT Roadmap :

Chosen Ones NFT Drop

Phase 1 :

  • After the Public mint, the team will Giveaway one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, along with one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.
  • The team will acquire land in the Sandbox metaverse.
  • 10% of the funds from the mint will be held back in the Chosen Ones NFT community wallet for the sole purpose of acquiring NFTs to be redistributed to active members of the community and for future roadmap improvements.
  • Legendary Chosen Ones NFTs reveal seven days after Mint Day.
  • $20,000 in ETH (or USD) will be awarded to one lucky winner in a raffle.
  • Ten 1-of-1 Elite Hero NFTs are to be revealed on April 7, 2022.

Phase 2 :

  • The General of Partha winners will be airdropped with one Legendary Chosen Ones NFT.
  • Ten winners will be chosen to meet Alara alias Een Mercado for ten minutes on Vanywhere.
  • The cinematic Game trailer will be revealed.
  • Purchasing more land in the metaverse.
  • The alpha release of the Chosen Ones NFT Game.
  • Private token sale
  • Create the Chosen Ones Heroes club on metaverse land for members to socialize.

Phase 3 :

  • The Chosen Ones Merchandise store will be launched.
  • List the token on a major CEX.
  • Launching staking rewards.
  • The beta release of the game.
  • First meet-up of the Chosen Ones NFT Heroes club members in the metaverse.
  • Launch Chosen Ones Official marketplace.
  • The Chosen Ones play-to-win auto-battler game will be released.

Chosen Ones NFT Game :

Chosen Ones NFT Game

The Chosen Ones NFT Game will be an auto battler game created on Unity and based on the Binance Smart Chance platform (BSC). To gain prizes, users must journey across eight distinct kingdoms and combat a roster of legendary heroes and villains in a round-based struggle for ascendancy.

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Chosen Ones NFT Whitelist :

  • Members who invite a minimum of 15 friends can join the Chosen Ones NFT Whitelist. You can also acquire a place on the whitelist by being active in the community and achieving level 10. If the Project fills up too soon, the team will begin introducing contests to get on the whitelist.
  • The staff is consistently monitoring the general chat channel for community members who are truly engaged in meaningful conversations. Every day, the team will randomly award two community members a whitelist place, ensuring that they will mint a one-of-a-kind Legendary Chosen Ones NFT.¬†

Chosen One’s NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Chosen One’s NFT price will be 0.25 ETH, and the public mint will start on March 24. There’s no limit as to how many NFTs you can mint per wallet, and you will be able to mint the NFT directly from the official website. You will need to connect your Metamask wallet to the website on Mint Day and click on MINT to purchase your NFT. You can join the official Chosen One’s NFT Twitter or Discord channels to know more about the Project.

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