Cartoon Cartel NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.5 SOL

Collection Count: 9,999 Item



Website: Link




The Cartoon Cartel NFT is a collection of 9,999 cartoon NFTs developed on the Solana blockchain, with over 1,000 hand-drawn qualities included in each NFT. The base collection is divided into three factions: The Turned, the Mechs, and the Surf, each of which has 3,333 NFTs spread randomly around the base collection.


February 04, 2022


The Holders who already have three NFTs from the basic collection will be able to mint the Alien Tech NFT for free. The Alien Tech NFTs function as utility tokens, earning TOON tokens and free minting of other NFTs, and much more.

Holders of Alien Tech NFTs will be able to mint the Alien NFT from the fourth faction. You will be able to mint the Alien Tech NFT, and the Alien NFT for free for every 3 Cartoon Cartel NFTs minted! Only 3333 Alien Tech NFTs and 3333 Alien NFTs exist.

Cartoon Cartel NFT Project

The Cartoon Cartel NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • Holders will get Cartoon Cartel NFT trade cards through an airdrop. These cards will be ready for use in a play-to-earn online and mobile game. These Solana blockchain-minted trade cards will be an access token to the play-to-earn game.
  • The launch of the play-to-earn game and trading cards. These trade cards will serve as playable characters in the game. This game, which is presently under development, will allow users to compete in-game by using their trading card NFTs.

Phase 2 :

  • Making a forum accessible exclusively to people who own Cartoon Cartel NFT tokens. This forum is where you may talk about the project, proposals, votes, and other community activities.
  • Along with the comic book, the team intends to release a range of physical products, including actual trading cards, a board game, professional playing cards, and much more.
  • Each week, one creative Cartoon Cartel NFT holder will be picked to showcase their talent throughout all of the project’s social media channels. The team intends to utilise its platform to assist people who contributed to the Cartoon Cartel initiative.

Phase 3 :

  • Every month, a community vote will be held on the forum, and the winner will earn a share of the secondary sales royalties to help them fund their dream project. The Cartoon Cartel NFT team will also supply the winner with as many connections as possible for the entire setup.
  • The launch of the members-only store, which will sell a range of things. T-shirts, Sweaters, Hats, Posters, Bags, and more products are on the way. The gear will be an excellent way to show off your Cartel ownership.

Phase 4 :

  • After mint, one fortunate winner will get 50,000 USD. The team will award $50,000 in SOL, at whatever the current value of SOL = $50,000 is.
  • The comic book will be available for free as an ebook to all the Cartoon Cartel NFT Holders and will be given along with a physical copy, the team will be releasing an NFT collection of comic book covers, featuring five various sorts of comic book covers, each having a particular rarity linked with it. Holders will be able to mint one NFT cover for each NFT they own from the four factions.

Cartoon Cartel NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Cartoon Cartel NFT Price will be 1.5 SOL, and its mint starting date is February, 4th 2022. The total mint limit for pre-sale is 4 NFTs per wallet during the sale, and for its Public sale, the limit is 12 tokens per wallet. To check out the Cartoon Cartel NFT Rarities and its traits, the users can go to its official website.

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How To Mint Cartoon Cartel NFT:

  • Have a Solana wallet ready (most preferred is phantom wallet).
  • Have enough Solana in your phantom wallet for the mint.
  • Head on over to the Magic Eden launchpad and click the MINT button.
  • You may mint your Cartoon Cartel NFTs by adjusting the mint quantity from 1 to 12.

For more information or to join the community, users can go to the official Cartoon Cartel Twitter or the Discord channels.