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3D profile pictures, virtual lands, different other creatures as NFTs, all of this has been a part of the Metaverse and the NFTs world already. What about a consumable NFT? What about a power booster for your journey to the metaverse? BYOPills NFT (Blue Yellow Orange Pills NFT) is one such project that aims toward being the first consumable NFT.

 MINT DATE: August 11,2022


ByoPills NFT Mint Price And Floor Price: Key To The Byoverse

Here’s your key to the BYOverse, this article. This piece of writing shall cover in-depth the project, its collection, uniqueness, and what else is in store for you for the future. Besides, learn more about BYOPills NFT mint price, floor price, and other statistical information. 

A Brief Overview Of BYOPills NFT

Total Items9,999
BYOPills NFT Floor Price0.081 ETH
Volume Traded7,175

Gaming Evolution: A BYOPill NFT?

ByoPills NFT Mint Price And Floor Price

Enjoying the digital world with its games? Well, time to power up your characters via BYOPills NFT. Having 10000 unique, procedurally generated 3D pills living in the Ethereum Blockchain, they act as consumables. They have been crafted and tried by Boris The Cook.

Across metaverses and definitely the ByoPill Metaverse, a BYOPill NFT will serve the purpose of power-ups, ability boosts, and other visual effects. By owning a BYOPill NFT, you also have access to future drops that include 3D game assets, merch, and many more! 

What Else Can You Do With Your BYOPill NFT?

Have you come across energy drinks or diesel in PUBG? If yes, this one is quite similar to that, with much more utility. Whilst you are playing one of the BYOPills games in the BYOVERSE, you might have to power your vehicles or weapons, your solution is BYOPills.

There is also a custom AR experience that you will enjoy! Here is where they win. A unique mobile companion app, the Trip Replicator is exclusive to the pill holders. Each holder can have their own special Trip which will be experienced in AR/VR. 

How To Buy BYOPills NFT? Let Us Answer The Much-Awaited Question. 

  1. Go to the official website of the project 
  2. On the top right corner, you will find a Buying Guide. 
  3. Click on BYOPILLS. You would have to click on Mint had this been during their launch. 
  4. Since it is sold out now, you can go to the OpenSea platform to purchase it. 
  5. You can also buy Apostles, BYOKey, BYOVape, and BYOCrafts, all of these being a part of this project. 
  6. Click on the respective NFT collection that you wish to buy. There are certain criteria for buying the other collections. You can either “Claim Now” if it is still open, or “Buy on Secondary”.
  7. Go to BYOPills NFT OpenSea page, and you will find the link to Apostles, BYOLand, BYOKey, and BYOVape. You can purchase it via this secondary marketplace. 

BYOPills NFT Unraveling Their Collection

This project doesn’t come alone with the consumable NFTs. They bring along their entire set of collections, complementing each other, all of it driven toward altering the future of gaming. This is the reason behind BYOPill’s rarity. 

BYOLand: You can now buy a piece of land in the ByoPills Metaverse and call it yours. With owning land, the resources that are necessary for the players will develop and they can play a fine treasure hunt game, roaming around the world. 

Apostles: NFTs in the form of Next-Gen Avatars are now ready to take over the Metaverse. You have to own a BYOPill and BYOKey in order to claim your Apostle. As an alternative, you can buy a BYOKey and use it with an unused BYOPill and bring the Apostle to life.

There are a total of 7642 genesis Apostles, and four different types- Voyagers, Psychonauts, Ancients, and Goddesses. Own an Apostle for a fancy rigged 3D character and equip yourself with attachments with their in-game utility. You can also generate $TRYP via Tiered Token Generation. 

BYOKey and BYOVape are access keys. BYOKey is your key to the Apostles’ armory. If you bring together this key and an unclaimed BYOPill, you will be allowed to claim an Apostle. On the other hand, in order to inhale your BYOPill, you require BYOVape.

This is a biological verification tool, via which you can access areas of BYOverse. With one BYOVape, and BYOPill, you can access BYOCraft, the launch is awaited. To give basic insight about BYOCraft, it is a 3D game-ready vehicle that will roam around the BYOVerse with you. Just own it, upgrade it and defeat your opponents. 

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BYOPills NFT Utility Token $TRYP

ByoPills NFT Details

Coming Soon to the BYOPills Metaverse….A utility token that will fuel the BYOPill Ecosystem. Tryptamine or $TRYP is currently the in-world currency of the BYOVerse. 

Once launched, all genesis Apostles can gather $TRYP and generate it in their brain, and only on their command, can extract them. In order to stake or unstake an Apostle, you will have to hold a BYOPill that is equal to the Apostles that you wish to stake. You can get yourself a $TRYP multiplier by tying more pills to one staked Apostle.

Here’s a turning point now, you will unlock Tiered Token Generation by staking an Apostle. Based on your Apostles tier, more $TRYP is generated. 

@TRYP is like the currency of their BYOVERSE. For trading in-game assets, crafting, or participating in events, you will require this. 

ByoPills NFT: Statistical Point Of View

BYOPills NFT’s launch date was July 16, 2021. Since then, as of October 31, 2022, their sales show a recent rise, which could be attributed to the new releases of their collection. We can do the BYOPills NFT price prediction on the basis of its sales and expect the price to rise up. 

Final Words

BYOPills NFT rarity has undoubtedly taken their team to newer heights and much more success. What are you waiting for? Acquire this BYOPill now, gather your army for the ByoPills game, be a part of their collection from Apostles, BYOKey, BYOLand to BYOVape, and explore the BYOPills Metaverse. For you, they have also partnered with other blockchain games. 

Till then, let us all wait for their future drops. 

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