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Bunny Buddy NFT is 8888 hand-drawn bunnies living their most exemplary lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. That’s the essence of this initiative. The max supply is extremely restricted since each bunny is handcrafted by the artist Ryan Robinson also known as Rhabbitz.


February 14, 2022


Bunny Buddies NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

Additionally, the digital magician has announced the upcoming release of 20 limited-edition ‘Legendary Bunnies,’ with a long list of prominent figures already lining up to get their hands on the scarce and valuable collectible. The most fantastic aspect of minting a piece of the primary collection is that an owner can get lucky to win ‘legendary Bunnies’ at random from the group.

This article will talk about Bunny Buddies NFT statistics, roadmap, price, price prediction, where to buy, etc.

So, let’s get started!

The Bunny Buddies NFT Brief Overview

Bunny Buddies NFT items8,885
Bunny Buddies NFT Floor price0.0049 ETH
Volume Traded2,690 ETH

Know About Bunny Buddies NFT?

Know About Bunny Buddies NFT

Ryan Robinson, aka Rhabbitz, is a member of the collective of artists known as Yobritish. They made Bunny Buddies, a one-of-a-kind collectible art piece.

This compilation results from the artist’s exploration of duality and his pursuit of the appropriate balance between darkness and light. The artist has previously collaborated with major record labels such as Universal Music, Columbia Records, and Atlantic Records and has released music on their labels.

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Bunny Buddies NFT Roadmap

In addition to its unique NFT drop, Bunny Buddies NFT also has a promising roadmap.

The Bunny Buddy NFTs were made in collaboration with Hip Hop and Rap celebrities, thus making the NFTs a part of pop culture. The next step in the evolution of the NFTs is to join forces with entrepreneurs, influencers, and tech geniuses to introduce never seen NFTs.

The NFTs and their aesthetics are directly from the artist’s creative mind, and not only that, but soon, the bunny buddies will be invading your wardrobe. You will quickly have bunny buddies merchandise in your closet.

To encourage new investors to join the project, the team will also release 15 Legendary bunnies, the rarest and most sought-after bunnies in the whole collection. So, how to get a legendary bunny? You need to be the holder of a bunny buddy, and if you are one of those 15 lucky people, you will get the chance to mint one of the legendary bunnies.

The legendary bunnies will be the crown jewel of the whole collection, and this will build up the hype. Not only that, the artist has planned to donate $50,000 to a mental health charity for children and adults. So, this is your chance to have your quirky bunny buddy and also help a noble cause.

What’s more exciting is that, soon, with collaboration with brands and other projects, you can flaunt your bunny buddy along with your digital avatar in the metaverse. Not only that, the team is planning to build a whole ecosystem around the bunny buddies.

The team is also planning to change the whole NFT space by airdropping what they dub super carrots to a selected few. Super carrots are just like evolution stones from Pokemon. When your bunny gets a taste of it, it will trigger change. Even we don’t know what that change will be, and we are so excited to find that out.

Rhabbitz’s and bunny buddies are not done yet. More bunnies are in the pipeline and current bunny buddy holders will get the first priority for future airdrops.

Bunny Buddies NFT Sales And Statistics

Bunny Buddies NFT Sales and Statistics

The Bunny Buddies NFT floor price on opensea.io is 0.0049 ETH. The Bunny Buddies NFT OpenSea page shows that the Total Traded Volume is 2,690 ETH and an all-time average price of 0.2779 ETH.

One week after its launch, Bunny Buddies NFT sales saw an upward curve. Moreover, Bunny Buddy NFT uses ERC 721A, which is different from classic ERC 721. This gives Bunny Buddies an edge at low gas fees. The Bunny Buddy NFT mint price is 0.25 ETH. This has caused the volume to be strategically high by the end of February.

Bunny Buddies NFT Price Prediction

The Bunny Buddies NFT project has gained popularity from pop stars, which is mainly due to an amalgamation of unique artwork and metaverse. The current price of Bunny Buddies is increasing, so we can predict that minting bunny buddies will be fun and a good investment in the long run.

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How To Buy Bunny Buddies NFT?

We are very excited about this project and even you must be wondering how to buy Bunny Buddies NFT? You need a Metamask wallet and an OpenSea account. Login to your OpenSea account and select your bunny buddy. Connect your opensea compatible wallet and bid or buy the Bunny Buddies NFT.


The introduction to the project is incredibly fascinating, and it will be pretty interesting to see the whole collection of pieces when it is completed. To put Rhabbitz’s ‘Bunny Buddies’ into a broader framework, it may be seen as art history taking place in real-time.

NFTs have been seen as wise investments when paired with an artist who has already achieved widespread recognition throughout several sectors of contemporary pop culture and has a clear vision for the future. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for collectors to be part of something that typical, degenerative modern art has left out of the picture.

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