Bubble Buddies NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.08 ETH

Collection Count: 5,500 Item



Website: Link




The Bubble Buddies NFT is a collection of 5,500 bubble-themed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Bubble Buddies is an NFT Project driven by the community.


June 04, 2022


The art collection comprises 1250 unique and algorithmically created NFTs. Create an NFT, and you will become the owner of Bubble Buddies. Holders will be able to vote on the bulk of decisions required for the project’s ongoing growth and development.

Holders can also take part in unique P2E tournaments, games, freebies, alpha calls, airdrops, high-tier collaborations, and much more! The team is giving away $3,500 in two different raffles less than 14 days after Mint! The only conditions are that your NFTs be held and de-listed.

Bubble Buddies NFT

Bubble Buddies NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Bubble Buddies NFT have landed on the Ethereum Blockchain! To get things started, $1500 will be raffled and awarded to a fortunate Discord member. Because the team values community, there are several giveaway chances for holders. Weekly giveaways for fantastic prizes will be offered in the discord’s dedicated holder-giveaway area.

Phase 2

  • It’s time to start minting! After 48 hours, you will be able to watch your Bubble Buddies NFT on OpenSea. You will also be able to check the rank of your Bubbly Buddy on our partner site, Rarity Sniper, at this time. The Bubbly Buddies DAO will be formed after Mint is completed. Because this is a community-driven initiative, the future of the brand will be in the hands of the community and staff. Holders will vote on the bulk of decisions required for the project’s ongoing growth and development.

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Phase 3

  • Let the games begin! The team will give away $1,000 to one fortunate Bubble Buddies NFT bearer exactly 7 days following the Mint! The team will also give away $2,500 to one fortunate NFT bearer 14 days following Mint! Yes, you read that correctly. The team’s official store will open soon! All clothing is made of high-quality materials. T-shirts, golf shirts, hoodies, sweaters, beanies, hats, and socks will all be available for purchase! The store is also not limited to what they can sell, so if you’re a member of the DAO and have any suggestions, please share them with the team! Giveaway disclaimer: If the collection doesn’t sell out or perform exceptionally well, the giveaways will still take place, but the prizes may change.
  • Soon after giveaways, the team will be looking for the newest and best Metaverse to visit. Of course, Bubble Buddies NFT holders will have the last say on this issue. The team will employ a builder to help realize the aim of creating exclusive P2E Holder games and tournaments within the Metaverse.

Bubble Buddies NFT Mint Price And Details

The Bubble Buddies NFT Mint Price will be 0.08 ETH for its public Mint and 0.06 ETH for its whitelist sale. The public Mint will begin on June 4th, and the pre-sale will begin 2 hours before on the same date. You will be able to mint straight from the Bubble Buddies Website on the day of the Mint by linking your Metamask wallet.