Bad Kid Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.06 ETH

Collection Count: 999 Item



Website: Link




The Bad Kid Club NFT is a Collection of bad kid-themed avatars in which everyone on the earth is young, bold, powerful, and elegant. They use violence to protect the interests and tranquility of their own domains. Many wicked powers want to rule the BadKidClub behind the surface of calm.


May 22, 2022


As a result, in the fight against evil powers, the BadKidClub planet gave birth to a slew of bad kid heroes. They lead numerous bad kids to prevent and disrupt these evil forces’ goals and eradicate evil forces to maintain peace and growth in their respective sectors.

On the blockchain, bad kid members will be born; they are heroes, behind-the-scenes organizers, and regular bad kids. Pls note that we were not able to find more details regarding this project and it can be scam as well. So, pls be safe and only join or follow the projects which you have 100% confidence in.

Bad Kid Club NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

Bad Kid Club NFT Roadmap

  • On May 21st, the team will begin PUBLIC MINTING at 0.03ETH, and the reveal is scheduled for May 28th.
  • The holders will get a random airdrop of 5 behind-the-scenes organizers.
  • Holders will receive a random airdrop of ten behind-the-scenes organizers. Hold a nasty child creation contest, choose five winners, and the total prize is 5ETH.
  • Opening the BadKidClub retail store, which sells bad kid T-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps.
  • Acquisition of Metaverse land assets to construct a showroom and shop solely for BKC. BadKidClub 3D will be made available.
  • The BadKidClub game will be available online.

Ether Goddess NFT Mint Price And Details

The Bad Kid Club NFT Mint Price will be 0.06 ETH for its public mint and 0.03 ETH for pre-sale or whitelisted members. The project mint date will start on May 22nd, 2022. You will be able to mint directly from the official Bad Kid Club Website on the mint date by connecting your Metamask wallet.