Azuki NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.15 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item

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The Azuki NFT is a collection of 10,000 avatars in the Metaverse that will provide membership access to The Garden to all the NFT Holders along with exclusive streetwear collabs, Live events, NFT Drops, and many more things.


January 12, 2022


The Azuki Teams’ aim is to shift from a world generated by many and owned by a few to a world created by many and owned by everyone. Azuki’s community ownership enables the creation of a new type of media that the world has yet to discover.

Each and any Azuki that you own will be your personal identity in the Metaverse, and it allows you to collaborate with the rest of the community members to develop things.The Garden will be a place on the internet where art, community, and culture collide to create something magical. The boundaries between the real and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred, and the laws will be changed.

The Azuki Collection Overview

Currently, there are a total number of 4,140 Owners of The Azuki NFT Collection out of the total 10k Items that are up for sale. The Floor price currently is 7.4998 ETH (OpenSea), and a total of 700.17K ETH has been traded. The latest Azuki was sold for a whopping $1.4 Million.

The NFT that was sold for this amount is Azuki #9605, which is the second-rarest NFT in the Azuki NFT collection. As per OpenSea, the item was purchased by user “jdizzles,” and the seller, “trevault,” is a RedBeanDAO member who routinely buys Azuki NFTs.

Azuki NFT Drop

Azuki NFT Roadmap

The Azuki NFT Collection team’s goal is to develop the largest decentralized brand for the Metaverse that is produced and owned by the community, and as we all know, these things take time, so the team has not decided to rush anything and take its time, that’s why they have not given any specific roadmap that might limit the team’s future work. The team has given a glimpse of what to come, and that is :

  • To create a solid vision for the Azuki Collection that will greatly value the whole community.
  • Focus on the community, its development, and its expansion.
  • Integration into the Web3.0 world, Metaverse!
  • Merchandize drops for all the Azuki NFT lovers.
  • The team’s goal is to use new media to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. There will be meta-games, experiences, and methods for expanding an IP. Partnerships, $BEAN (the Azuki currency), verse, and DAO will be employed from seed to seedling.
  • The team allows all the valuable members of The Azuki NFT Collection to share their views and participate in deciding the project’s future.

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The Azuki NFT Mint Price And Opensea Details

The Azuki NFT Mint price at an average is 1.9789. Given that the NFT is still in its early stages and has created a stir in the community, the price will only grow from here. The listed sale price for the lowest Azuki NFT is 0.15 WETH and 19.55 DAI ( Dont make the mistake of thinking DAI is the same as the ETH ). You can check out the official Azuki NFT Twitter and its Discord channels to keep up to date with the project.

How To Mint The Azuki NFT:

  • You will need to go to the Azuki NFT website and click on the top right option that reads “Shop,” and the option will be accessible for you to click on after the minting process begins.
  • You will be able to mint a maximum of 5 Azuki NFTs.
  • The first Collection drop phase is already over; the team did the launch using Dutch Auctions that began on 12th January 2022. The initial price was 1ETH, and it declined by 0.05 ETH every 20 minutes. This continued until the price of ETH hit 0.15.
  • The last minting phase has also been done, and it happened on 15th January 2022, and the price was the same as what the previous Azuki went for at the Dutch Auctions.
  • You can now only mint and buy the collection from the official Azuki NFT Opensea collection.