Arkanauts NFT


Public Sale Price: 2.2 SOL

Collection Count: 4000 Item



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The Arkanauts NFT is a collection of 4000 NFTs on a mission to build the next generation of Re(De)Generative communities by rewarding individuals in the digital world while making an effect in the physical one.


May 27, 2022


Members will be able to stake their Arkanaut, equip it with utility gear, and employ the benefits throughout the Arkverse and beyond. Few benefits and utilities that all the members will have:

  • The Ark is a spaceship in the metaverse that is controlled by Arkanauts. Animal NFTs from important collections will be collected and “preserved” by the Ark. The expansion of the Ark’s holdings provides greater preservation chances.
  • Community access to the first green metaverse based on a “Preserve to Earn” concept for environmental conservation.
  • Collaboration between AR model and Chicken Waffle.
  • Model 3D printed (recycled materials, local shipping)
  • Long-lasting Merch will be made available.
  • Conversations with leaders in sustainability and climate change education modules.

In line with UN SDG 14, the Arkanauts are raising awareness of, and promoting action against, the climate catastrophe by financing groups such as Ultramarine and Lonely Whale to clean up Earth’s waters and safeguard life underwater.

Arkanauts NFT Roadmap

Arkanauts NFT
  • Climate Change Module will be introduces
  • Preserve to Earn Model
  • Breeding ReDegens
  • First Wildlife and Biodiversity Credit Registry
  • Natural Capital Endowment and GIN Validators (Staking)
  • World Wildlife Day Campaign
  • ARK DAO will be launched

Arkanauts NFT Mint Price And Details

The Arkanauts NFT Mint Price will be 2.2 SOL for its public mint. The public mint will begin on May 27, 2022. On the mint day, you will be able to mint straight from the official Arkanauts Website by linking your Solana wallet.

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