Anti-Ape Association NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.5 ETH

Collection Count: 11,111 Item



Website: Link




The Anti-Ape Association NFT is a collection of 11,111 Anti-Ape NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain; the team’s main objective is to solve unfathomable NFT problems, such as coinciding non-rare products or relying on the acts of others to generate profit.


March 26, 2022


Nobody likes to be kept waiting for a long time to switch their NFTs. As a result, the team has made the PiggybankTM.

Piggybank is a novel method of increasing your NFT collection. This module gives collectors with common anti-apes a second opportunity. Even if you coincide with a low-rarity piece, you are still in the game. For others, the only way to earn is to wait a long period and hope that your NFT will be promoted. Piggybank enables collectors to instantly increase their Anti-Ape Association NFT collection size.

The Project intends to be more than just a collection of photos. The team is working hard to transform the way ANTI-APES live. With PiggyBank’s USDT revenues, both initial and existing holders will be awarded AAA tokens daily.

Anti-Ape Association NFT Roadmap :

Anti Ape Association NFT

Phase 1 :

  • Bringing the public sale, presale, and minting processes to a close. Merch will be released alongside utilities for the Piggybank.
  • Following the unveiling of Opensea, billboard advertising in New York and Los Angeles will be released, and the detailed Anti-Ape Association NFT Roadmap will be disclosed.

Phase 2 :

  • Piggybank will be introduced during a global event.
  • NFT fires are started due to Piggybank USDT revenue being dispersed to all the Anti-Ape Association NFT holders.

Phase 3 :

  • The community will be briefed to vote on the ANTI APE Headquarters and roadmap goals.
  • The Anti-Ape Association NFT utility token has been unveiled, and both original and existing holders will get an airdrop.
  • ANTI APE Headquarters will be established, and holders will be pre-listed and eligible to vote for the ANTI APE Team’s next initiative.

Anti-Ape Association NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Anti-Ape Association NFT Price will be 0.5 ETH, and the public Mint will start on 26th March. There’s no limit to the number of NFTs you can mint per wallet. You can only mint from the official Website of the Anti-Ape Association NFT on the mint date, and to Mint, you need to connect your Metamask wallet to the official Website and click on MINT. Then you need to authorize the transaction, and after that, your Mint will be successful.

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