Anonymous Crypto Dealer NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

The Anonymous Crypto Dealer NFT is a collection of 4,488 NFTs with over 130 hand-drawn traits. The team’s objective is to become the top project for a self-organized, highly lucrative community by investing in blue-chip projects, flipping overhyped nfts, keeping long-term crypto investments, and trading regularly. 

The initiative’s goal is to build the Solana ecosystem by sharing alpha information and acquiring exclusive minting access to the top projects.

Anonymous Crypto Dealer NFT Roadmap

Anonymous Crypto Dealer NFT

Phase 1:

  • The Anonymous Crypto Dealer NFT will start by making designs for all the shadow souls.
  • Building an anonymous network on all social media platforms.
  • Great community for all the members.
  • Announcing the pledge of allegiance where the identity of each team member will be revealed.

Phase 2:

  • Free airdrops will take place for all members.
  • Minting will begin, and whitelisted members will be able to mint first.
  • Listing on secondary marketplaces like MagicEden.

Phase 3:

  • The team will allocate 50% of the mint to the DAO treasury.
  • You can decide where the team will invest, mint, or trade flip next; knowing what the team will do, you can also plan to execute your own plays with the information given. Only verified Holders will have access to the DAO.
  • Right after the allocation, the team will start investing in Blue Chip NFTs to gain access to their DAOs and collect all the information.
  • Direct profit sharing is not legal in a lot of countries. The team wants to avoid it and will have its own reward mechanics.

Phase 4:

  • Decentralization ($ANMS token) – Yet unknown utility to be presented and profit-sharing via staking.
  • Blockchain cartel residence (Metaverse location to chill)
  • Developing dealermind (Roadmap 2.0)

Launch Date

September 23,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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Anonymous Crypto Dealer NFT Mint Price And Details


The Anonymous Crypto Dealer NFT Price will be 1.5 SOL for its public mint, and its mint date is 13th May 2022. You can only mint the NFTs on the official mint date using the Anonymous Website. Don’t forget to connect Solana Wallet to the site to start minting, and make sure to have enough SOL to cover the mint price plus the gas fee.

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