Alone Blue NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

The Alone Blue NFT is a collection of 2,222 anime themed characters in the solana blockchain. The team behind the project is fully doxxed by alphalabs. The team does regular giveaways like ETH Prizes, cash and whitelist giveaways for the members of the community. You can also collaborate with the project to increase your chances of holding a bigger role and rank in the project success.

Alone Blue NFT Drop

Alone Blue NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Community building
  • Creation of Social Media (Twitter & Discord)
  • High-quality artistic creation
  • Genesis collection with +200 Traits (2,222 with 200+Traits)
  • Marketing premint to increase exposure
  • Doxxing process of Alone Team
  • Airdrop $Alone to whitelist

Phase 2

  • Get verified in marketplaces such as Magic Eden / Solanart / Open Sea / Solport /etc.
  • Set Alone Sales Bot
  • Alone Dao & Role verification for Holders
  • NFT Staking for $Alone
  • Implement Alone shop to buy Whitelist Spots with $Alone
  • Raffles for Blue Chip NFTs with $Alone
  • 50% Part of Royalty for Raffle

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Phase 3

  • Inject SOL from Part of Mint funds & 50% Royalty to the $Alone Liquidity Pool
  • Collaborations with established Blue Chip projects.
 Airdrop SOMETHING to the holders and special Podcast for interesting upcoming Projects and Mints / Alpha calls.
  • You can claim next NFT airdrop with $Alone.
  • Launch of Alone Shop
  • Aloneblue = PASS CARD
  • Creation of ALone brand.
  • More to be announced, the team will keep building for infinite utility of Alone NFTs and $Alone Token.

Launch Date

June 9,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



Social Links

Alone Blue NFT Mint Price and Details

The Alone Blue NFT Mint Price will be 1.5 SOL for its public Mint. The public Mint will begin on June 9th, and the pre-sale will begin 2 hours before on the same date. You will be able to mint straight from the Alone Blue Website on the day of the Mint by linking your Solana wallet.

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