The AdRunner NFT is a collection of 4,444 unique ad-themed futuristic art NFTs based on the Ethereum (ERC-721) Blockchain. By joining and buying the NFT, members can become part of a new and exciting advertising revolution.

The company will debut its platform, which will allow meta-real-estate owners to automatically put up AdBoxes – interactive advertising posters and billboard displays – in their virtual locations, with the help of all project members.

Ads will be shown on AdBoxes in return for AdRunner tokens (ADR), which will be distributed to the community in return for staking their NFTs. AdRunner NFT holders will be given a portion of each AdBox’s screen time for non-commercial usage, allowing them to make a message and be heard and seen across the metaverse.

AdRunner NFT Benefits And Utilities :

  • AdRunners’ own ADR token will be used to pay for advertising. Staking will be used to distribute tokens to the community. Forty-five percent of ADR tokens would be given to meta-estate owners and platform scaling, while 55 percent will go to NFT holders.
  • Only two generations of AdRunner NFTs will ever be born. An entirely new AdRunner Gen Z NFT will be bred by staking two AdRunners. The number of Gen Z NFTs that can be bred is restricted to 2,222.
  • NFT holders will be entitled to non-commercial screen time on selected AdBoxes regularly. The owners can utilize this function to propagate ideas and let users know what they stand for throughout the metaverse.

AdRunner NFT Roadmap :

AdRunner NFT Drop

Phase 1 :

  • To display the items – AdBoxes – the AdRunner NFT team will begin obtaining high-value pieces of land and ad placement rights in the metaverse.
  • Create bespoke 3D impressions that effectively demonstrate the lack of constraints in the metaspace. Before the automated platform is released, land plots will only be bought for the earliest phases.

Phase 2 :

  • Release 4,444 of the final AdRunner NFT collection. Only 2,222 AdRunner Gen Z NFTs will be produced, with the remaining 2,222 AdRunner Gen Z NFTs being bred by first-generation AdRunner holders.
  • The team will release a detailed roadmap featuring all future project planning.
  • Decentralization is at the heart of the project. Thus the entire project will be governed by the community. During this phase, the team will implement DAO and governance mechanisms, which will be followed by monthly partnership reveals that the community will help generate in collaboration with the AdRunner NFT team.

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Phase 3 :

  • The Projects technology will allow meta-estate owners to create AdBoxes on their properties, automating the process and eliminating the need to obtain land plots and ad placement rights actively.
  • AdBoxes will be improved to become more dynamic, interesting, and attention-grabbing. At this point, AdRunner will also join the field of augmented reality.
  • Forty-five percent of ADRs earned will be used to encourage meta-estate owners to participate and upgrade and scale up the platform.
  • The AdRunner NFT community will ensure that the AdRunner platform is interoperable with any new and promising metaverse platforms that arise in the future.

AdRunner NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The AdRunner NFT Price will be 0.12 ETH, and the public Mint will start on 24th March; the whitelist sale will begin on 23rd March, and its Mint price will be 0.09 ETH. A maximum of two NFTs can be acquired per whitelisted account, and ten will be available for the public Mint. On the mint date, you can only mint through the AdRunner NFT’s official website, and to mint, you must link your Metamask wallet to the website and click MINT. Then you must authorize the transaction, and your Mint will be successful.