8 Hanabi NFT

8 Hanabi NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.88

Collection Count: 8,888 Item



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The 8 Hanabi NFT is a generative collection of 8,888 distinct characters known as the Hanabians made out of 158 hand-drawn features. Dark Energy known as Yami-ki has been spreading among commoners in the world of 8 Hanabi, and those who are infected will commit atrocities and eventually become demonic.

 MINT DATE: May 28,2022


8 Hanabi NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

The Hanabians, made up of eight clans, have kept the world’s balance in the shadows for the past 776 years. The Yami-Ki has expanded enormously throughout the years, and the elders of the 8 Hanabi believe that world turmoil is approaching.

Holders of these Genesis 8 Hanabi NFTs will gain access to a private discord alpha channel where insider news is shared. Holders will also gain full commercial rights to the NFT they hold and every five years, an election will take place in the form of a fighting tournament where the winning clan will reign supremacy over the 8 Hanabi.

Both OG and WL roles can participate in the presale of 8 Hanabi NFT. The team aims to recruit members organically and prevent bots and also values quality over quantity. As the team is building up toward the Public mint, they are opening the gates to its Discord servers. Members can get in touch with the project team directly to share more about themselves if they want to contribute to the project whether it is derivate art, collaborations tie-up, or community management.

8 Hanabi NFT Roadmap

8 Hanabi NFT
  • The 8 hanabi NFT Team will construct, foster community, and expand gradually and quietly. The tale of the project is being written, and you will be a part of it. The expedition will be undertaken by 8,888 heroic warriors from the eight Hanabi. This is the beginning of 8Hanabi.
  • The second and most critical phase of all is that the team will develop and destroy things quickly during this time.
    The game is taking shape, and only a few people will be permitted to join in the alpha version. As the team expands, so will the number of loyal followers, and it will be ready to enter the world of web3.0.
  • The game will be made available for playing, and you may enter it.
    For the first time, try out the gaming usefulness of 8 Hanabi NFT. If you take the appropriate actions, you will gain experience, in-game drops, and even something unique.
  • The team will now be going beyond the stratosphere, losing gravity and increasing velocity by the minute.
    Collaborations, future mergers and acquisitions, and the introduction of currencies will be made available.

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8 Hanabi NFT Mint Price And Details

The 8 hanabi NFT Mint Price will be 0.88 ETH for its public mint. The public mint will begin on May 28, 2022. You can also register for the raffle for a chance to win an Allow List spot for the presale happening on 05/28 and this is not a free airdrop raffle. On the mint day, you will be able to mint straight from the official 8 Hanabi Website by linking your Metamask wallet. 

Ways To Get Into Allow List

  • Register for the raffle on Premont, and check back on 05/26 for results.
  • Participate in activities on 8 Hanabi Discord servers.
  • Participate in Twitter activities of projects collaborating or raffle through 8 Hanabi Premint pages exclusive to collaborating partners.

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