3Landers NFT Mint Price And Floor Price To Know Everything

3Landers NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.029

Collection Count: 9,705 Item



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3Landers NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that reside upon the mystical 3Land on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every holder of the 3Landers NFT community plays a key role in tagging the word community to 3Land.

 MINT DATE: 20th February 2022


3Landers NFT Mint Price And Floor Price To Know Everything

With wacky and zany characters, every one of the 3Landers NFT is imbued with different strains of, what the creators call, ‘DNA’. There are a total of 12 bases ‘DNA’s’, these contribute to the rarity per NFT.

The 3Landers NFT project traverses its territoriality over the NFT space by focusing on the core fundamentals of community, which is what differentiates this project from others.

This article offers insight into the project’s ambitions, its roadmap, the 3Landers mint price, its sales, and everything beyond. Read along!

The 3Landers NFT Brief Overview

3Landers NFT items9,705
3Landers NFT Floor price0.029 ETH
Volume Traded36,364 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 06th January 2024)

3Landers NFT Every Trait, Purpose, And Clue Encased

How to buy 3Landers NFT

The 3Landers NFT team strives to place their NFT project up for the long run. Their perspective on NFT projects as a whole is shaped by community building. Thus, with every 3Landers NFT, they try to strengthen their community to the maximum.

In order to make a crater due to the stronghold of the community over at the 3Landers NFT discord, the NFTs were made with varying rarity, which improves collaboration and communication amongst the holders. The rarity levels up in the following way:

  • 12 bases ‘DNAs’
  • 100+ unique traits
  • 18 unique 1/1 NFTs

Each DNA strand represents a different segment of the 3Land NFT world. Together, they’re known to be in unity. Their values, morals, and identity are manifested in the following forms: being free, friends, adventures, dreamers, and wanderers, are the words the team uses to define their community.

The purpose of every single 3Lander NFT is to express through art, collaborate with others, celebrate, bring value to, and work with others, in the words of the team. The design is a brainchild of the Thai artist Pom. And others in the team specialize in bridging the gap between digital and physical communities.

3Landers NFT Project Important Dates

The Blockchain Land was conquered on February 19th, 2022 with the Pre-sale. The Minting was limited to the Allowlist and took place on a block-based time structure. After 24 hours from the 19th, on the 20th of February was the public sale.

Since the 3Landers NFT is shrouded in mystery on the 3Landers OpenSea page, the global reveal for all NFTs is scheduled for February 22nd, 2022.

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3Landers NFT Community-Centric Roadmap

Every step in the roadmap for the 3Landers NFT emphasizes the importance of its community. The roadmap focuses on creating a community of dreamers, collaborators, artists, and friends! The official roadmap shall be announced by the founders in a live camp-fire-based event, held a few days after its launch.

According to the team, the hints for the roadmap were dropped in the 3Landers NFT Twitter feed all along. The roadmap shall contain many art-focused campaigns and initiatives to celebrate culture and friendship.

A major development in the roadmap comes with the building of the 3Land, which remains a mystery even as of February 22nd, 2022. As of this date, the team distributes what’s known as trust equity instead of hype-utility in order to strengthen the community. With trust equity, the NFT project distributes governance and opens the channel to ideas, instead of merely creating hype about the project.

Later, in early March 2022, their team plans to focus on culture-building and integrate the project into the real world. They have a lot in store for the future and most of it is uncharted and unannounced territory which shall be confirmed on their Twitter, discord, and other mediums soon from February 22nd.

The 3Lander NFT Sales, Statistics, And Prediction

The 3Lander NFT Sales, Statistics, And Prediction

The Current Price Vs The Mint Price

The 3Landers Mint Price was set to 0.15 ETH, and it was presented as a descending Dutch auction from 0.75 going up to 0.15 ETH, an interesting choice of delivery indeed. As of January 06th, 2024, the 3Landers NFT Floor Price is 0.029 ETH (OpenSea).

The Total Volume That Has Been Traded

The total volume traded has been 36,364 ETH, till 06th January 2024. And the majority of the sales have been seen on the 06th itself, and the traded volume is increasing exponentially every day.

The Price Prediction

As far as the 3Landers NFT price prediction is concerned, the price seems to be going up, the floor price has increased tenfold in a matter of 2 days, from the launch. The price sees a hike because as of 06th January, the campfire event is yet to take place, where a major pouring of Announcements is to take place.

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How Do You Buy And Be A Part Of This 3Landers NFT?

So how to buy 3Landers NFT? And should you? For the former, it’s easy, Minting has been completed so all the 3Landers NFT are now listed on the OpenSea page. Upon verifying your wallet, you too can get up to 5 NFTs and be a core member of the community.

In Conclusion….

The Project’s heart is in the right place, i.e. the community. Gatherings and regular meetups that are directed via discord, shall eventually transition to 3Land, their official Metaverse. 3Land shall bring in ways to earn rewards, ways to collaborate, celebrate, and ways to trade. Hence, this project brings great value for its holders and has a lot in store with the 3Land.