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Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s movie called Ready Player One, Worldwide Webb Land is a 2d metaverse that offers a digital world to NFT artists, collectors, traders, and holders alike.


November 29, 2021


The sales of Worldwide Webb NFTs have increased considerably in just one month and will not slow down because of the upcoming games and features.

Keep reading to get a review of this metaverse, the NFTs it offers current and future price prediction, roadmap, and much more.

Overview Of Worldwide Webb Land NFTs

Worldwide Webb Land items9,508
Worldwide Webb Land NFT Floor price0.169 ETH
Volume Traded27,967 ETH

Worldwide Webb: Why Is It So Special?

Worldwide Webb is an MMORPG 2D metaverse that can be integrated with pixel art NFT projects such as Cryptopunks and CyberKongz. This pixel art metaverse is interoperable and aims to provide play-to-earn methods along with making a lucrative economy for NFT creators, collectors, and players.

Worldwide Webb NFT Game

Worldwide Webb Lands Mint Price & Launch Date

The first Worldwide Webb Land NFTs collection was released on 29 November 2021 at 3 PM ET. Small ( 5000 NFTs), medium (3000 NFTs) and large (1000 NFTs) apartments were minted for 0.069 ETH, 0.12 ETH, 0.24 ETH, respectively. Moreover, the penthouse was the rarest, with only 69 available for 1 ETH.

Predefined Roadmap Of Worldwide Webb

  • November 2021: Genesis land NFTs get launched, in-game events, and supporting controller of Xbox plus Ps. 
  • December 2021: Moon cats NFT projects get integrated, and in-game avatars are released. 
  • January 2022: V2 early access, Play2Earn mintable items, cross-device wallet sync, and developing in-game PvP. 
  • Q1 2022: In-game land features are added, and the open-source code gets released for metaverse development. Also, a friend list feature and in-game chat are added along with pokemon style battle. Moreover, in-game minting will be allowed using smart contracts. 
  • Q2 and Q3 2022: Worldwide Webb games such as PvP racing, governance-based voting, ability to make NPCs plus mini-quests on your in-game NFT land.

Avatars In Worldwide Webb Land NFT Game

There are 3 types of avatars players can use in the worldwide webb NFT game:

  1. External NFT avatars such as CryptoPunks. 
  2. Native or default Avatars for players without NFTs.
  3. Avatars by Worldwide WEBB such as CryptoWeebs.

CryptoWeebs: What Are They?

CryptoWeebs are non-player, in-game characters encountered by players in the Worldwide Webb metaverse. Moreover, these NFTs can be purchased, and the holder will get certain privileges such as a special land mint, a voice on social channels, and the ability to claim items from future drops. Moreover, as these NFTs play a role in the storyline, holders can also unlock special quests for powers or access to restricted places.

Bring Your Pets In Worldwide Webb Metaverse

The metaverse also offers priority to NFT pet projects and allows the players to integrate them into the Worldwide Webb game. The pets will follow the holder around and can be used for PvP battles.

Current Selling And Floor Price

Worldwide Webb Land NFT floor price of Worldwide Webb NFTs is 0.169 ETH according to the OpenSea page. Moreover, the price range varies between 1 WETH ($3,770.58) to 5 ETH, and some are even more on the Worldwide Webb Land OpenSea page.

Worldwide Webb Land NFTs Trading Volume

The trading volume of Worldwide Webb Land NFTs on OpenSea was 27,967 ETH ( around $ 26 million) within just 1 month of its release. Also, as per the Worldwide Webb NFT stats page, 1,628 NFTs were traded in the last 7 days along with an average price of $3791 and a trading volume of 6.17 million. Moreover, at the same time, the top and lowest 10 percent NFTs were sold for $5.6k or more and $1567 or less, respectively. Also, about half of the NFTs sold were for $3322 or less, and the highest-selling NFT to date is the Penthouse 9062 sold for $155k.

Worldwide Webb Land NFT Price Prediction: Will These NFTs Amp Up?

Providing utility to pixel art NFTs has enabled the Worldwide Webb metaverse to expand at an exponential rate. With over 20 million trading in just over a month, according to OpenSea, Worldwide Webb Land NFTs have and will continue to rise because of the features it provides. Just like Sandbox, you can own pieces of land and use them for different purposes such as advertising or hosting events. The constant rise in popularity of the project and a great 2022 roadmap with additional features such as PVP games, in-game minting, and integration of new products will drive the price higher.

Worldwide Webb NFT Game

Worldwide Webb Land NFT How To Buy And Where To Buy

Worldwide Webb Land NFTs have been sold out on the website and are available on their official OpenSea page. You can connect your wallet to the page and use the side filters to buy any one of the apartments or a penthouse from the secondary marketplace. Also, as the NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, you can use ETH or WETH for buying digital assets.

Worldwide Webb NFTs: The Future Looks Promising

The perks of this 2d metaverse will help it grow in 2022 simultaneously with the worldwide Webb land twitter and Discord community. Also, as the metaverse is 2d, it makes it easier to integrate other pixel-based NFT projects. You can get the NPCs (CryptoWeebs) to take part in the storyline or purchase buildings or apartments to showcase NFTs, hang out with friends or advertise. Overall, the platform is the next generation of 2d metaverse where NFT collectors, traders, or holders can visit to earn or trade NFTs, or just to hang out.