Metawaifus Metaverse Gaming NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.5 SOL

Collection Count: 3,292 Item



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Are you fascinated by the whole concept of Metaverse and the Gaming Metaverse? Isn’t it a whole new world for the gamers? NFTs have covered additional fun for all of you. Metawaifus NFT offers you a 3D character that can be utilized in a unique gaming and multimedia metaverse. 


January 07, 2022


Have an entertaining time playing games, along with this 3D character! Before that, read this article to know more about Project Metawaifus NFT floor price, public sale, roadmap, its uniqueness, and more such areas. 

MetaWaifu NFT

Numerical Overview

Total NFTs3292
Listed NFTs839
Meta Waifus Floor Price0.11 SOL
Volume Traded98.63 SOL

MetaWaifus Gaming NFTs: What’s More Into It?

A 3D collection of 5600 NFTs living in a unique blockchain called Solana, Meta Waifus NFTs represent 3D characters. A key to the Metaverse, these NFTs, once bought, can be used in MetaWaifus’ metaverse. It brings along with it, exclusive access to content from the games ecosystem and multimedia. Multimedia content includes 3D animations, Visual Novels, and other varied possibilities. These NFTs represent 3D models that can be used as in-game characters. So, do you wish to add your character type to the world of games? Well, here it is. 

Metawaifus NFTs provide a wide range of utility as we all can see, more like a revolutionized metaverse age. For someone who is quite intrigued by the concept of gaming, AR/VR, and multimedia, these NFTs are like a mandatory stop for your new experience.

Get your much-awaited 3D character now. Look through the below-mentioned steps for your guide on “How to Buy MetaWaifus NFTs?”

  • Connect your Phantom or Sollet wallet to the official website of Metawaifus NFT.
  • For the first public mint that has already happened on January 3, you would have to click on the “Mint” button and confirm the transaction. 
  • Another method to buy MetaWaifus NFTs is via the secondary marketplace Solsea. 
  • If you have missed your chance for the first minting, the Public Mint II for Project MetaWaifus NFTs will be live on January 7, 2022. 
  • Follow the 2nd or 3rd step for Public Mint II. 

MetaWaifus NFT Progress

MetaWaifus NFT has gained momentum, especially amongst waifu collectors and NFTs supporters. Now that you have owned a MetaWaifu NFT, what is it that is in store for you? Together, let’s track the progress of this NFT collection with its roadmap. The team has divided its roadmap/plan into 4 parts. 

Their initial plan includes listing MetaWaifus in the biggest NFT marketplaces in the Solana blockchain. To bring in their MetaWaifus master app that will allow visualizing MW NFT collection with AR capabilities. This app will also be used as the access point to their MetaWaifus metaverse. 

Their next step includes the team working on an Interactive Visual Novel game. The game focuses on formulating MetaWaifus’ origin story and its universe. Well, bonus, for the members! Premium merchandise that will have free drops and discounts. The aim is to bring MetaWaifus content to the real world. 

Now, this is some real fun. In their next step, they will start producing 3D animated episodes exploring the NFTs universe. You, the owners of this NFT will get a chance to feature their characters in the animated series, the story of which will also be decided by the holders. Luck, luck, and luck, the MW lottery (up to $25K for grabs) will be in a place where MetaWaifus NFT owners can earn different prize tiers by entering a draft. 

The final revelation, Unraveling the much-awaited Play-to-earn Game. Once all the NFTs are sold, the team will start working on a game that will provide better utility to the NFT holders. They can use their 3D characters in the game and earn tokens by playing.

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MetaWaifus Gaming NFT Mint Price And Statistics

3206 MetaWaifus NFTs were minted on 7th January during Public Mint II. MetaWaifus NFT mint price was set at 1.5 SOL, and 100 free MWs were also given to the holders. As far as the first sale was concerned, the mint price was set at 1.2 SOL with 1500 NFTs, and 69 free MWs for the pre-sale buyer.

We can make MetaWaifus NFT price prediction on the mere basis of its announcement of Public Mint II. The demand for NFTs will increase. As demand increases, the price shall also rise up. The same can also be predicted on the basis of the current floor price, and volume traded shown on the MetaWaifus NFT Solsea page. 


Grab the 3D character that you like and be ready and prepared for their extraordinary collection of games and multimedia content. Join the MetaWaifus’ metaverse with the 3D model that you own via this NFT project. With the team’s aim to make history, they truly are by bringing MetaWaifus’ metaverse to life. A combination of games, multimedia content, along with blockchain technology is going to go long way.