The DEFY Gaming Token is a mobile play-and-earn NFT blockchain game. DEFY immerses players in a metaverse that connects the physical and virtual worlds, fusing ultra casual code-breaking gameplay, real-world exploration, and augmented reality (AR) experiences. The in-game economy was created with the player’s experience in mind.

A dual currency concept is paired with a comprehensive range of adjustable game assets and different incentive systems that players willing to work may take advantage of. The DEFY game is set in a dystopian future in which Future Systems, a faceless organization, has obtained complete control of the worldwide networks that run the internet through its influence.

DEFY Game Token

Players assume the role of agents, assisting inside man, kha0s, in his revolution against Future Systems by hacking into their network via an infected mobile app and stealing the new global currency, FCOIN, from wallets. To join the revolution and conceal their identity from Future Systems, operators must wear an NFT Virtual Private Mask (VPM).

DEFY Gaming Token Main Features

The DEFY Gaming Token is a utility token that allows users to buy in-game assets, engage with other users, and improve their efficacy as game operators. DEFY tokens may be redeemed with FCOINS (in-game money) earned through in-game accomplishments, or $DEFY can be purchased through a CEX or DEX.

The $DEFY Gaming token is an ERC-20 cryptographic token that will be introduced initially on the Ethereum network, incorporating the Polygon PoS platform. It will be a functioning multi-utility token that will be utilized as a decentralized means of exchange between DEFY members.

The purpose of establishing $DEFY is to enable a convenient and safe method of payment and settlement amongst participants who engage inside the DEFY ecosystem without the need of any middlemen, such as a centralized third-party entity/institution/credit.

It is not a medium of exchange accepted by the general public (or a part of the general public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of debt; nor is it planned or intended to be used as payment for products not solely offered by the issuer.

What Makes DEFY Gaming Unique

The team behind DEFY has already begun introducing new tools for Operatives to manufacture and customize their in-game assets, beginning with the dynamic Uprising NFTs, which can be customized with decals and badges purchased in-game.

More creative tools are in the works, with Operatives anticipating the creation of personal drones and other in-game items. The team is committed to developing complex gameplay that is built around a multi-year story arc that blurs the barriers between the real and virtual worlds.

DEFY has begun an ambitious content plan to complement this, beginning with the video series: Operatives.


DEFY Gaming Project Misson

The DEFY Gaming Team’s mission is to revolutionize blockchain gaming by combining the real and virtual worlds in a multi-platform game universe with numerous unique gameplay types and a rich multi-year story arc and content.

  • Exploration-based gameplay featuring live game states and collaborative play.
  • Drone fights and encounters in the style of a first-person shooter.
  • Breaking codes, group challenges, and lore-related problems and puzzles.

DEFY Gaming Utilities And Design

The DEFY Gaming platform is developed using a dual currency and NFT asset model. This allows the team to work within the Apple and Android app stores, which ban the integration of crypto tokens into applications.

  • FCOIN (Future Systems Token) is an in-game coin system utilized for actions, rewards, and purchases within the mobile application.
  • Digital Token: $DEFY (Cryptographic Token) – The DEFY ecosystem’s governance and utility token.


The DEFY gaming design tells us that by using Kha0s’s Virtual Private Mask NFTs, gamers can conceal their identities and hack into the Future Systems network using an attacked mobile application. DEFY players must collaborate to build exploits, hack weak network towers, and steal FCOINs in order to launch a 51% strike on Future Systems.

You can traverse the world and scan for weak access points to introduce zero-day attacks into the Future Systems network and steal FCOINs.

The Future Systems possess security and defenses, and if they identify you, their drone defense system will hunt you down, and the team may be unable to save you. Your only hope is to outrun the drone or destroy it with an electromagnetic pulse.

Some of the DEFY Gaming Utilities included but not limited to are:

  • The economy of DEFY has been constructed with scalability and durability in mind. The game’s tokens and currency are a large collection of customizable and transferable game assets that allow many active and passive earning opportunities.
  • The DEFY Creators platform and PvP will add a new level to the game for the benefit of the players.
  • A developers platform will be introduced for content producers who wish to collaborate with DEFY and integrate NFTs into Augmented Reality. DEFY team also aims to implement PvP, which will provide an enormous lifespan for the platform.

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DEFY Gaming Token Roadmap

Part 1

  • The Beta version of the DEFY Game will be launched.
  • Members will be able to mint the Generation 2 Masks NFT.
  • Reputation and Mask Levelling will also be introduced.
  • More Consumables will be added to the game.
  • Daily Tasks for all the members.
  • The DEFY Gaming token will be launched.
  • NFT Marketplace will also be opened.
  • AR Cameras for all the members will be released.

Part 2

  • The DEFY Game will be free to play.
  • The game will be launched to the public.
  • All the game content will be localized.
  • Customizable Drones will be released.
  • Collaborative In-App Mission for all the members.
  • Community Builder Tools.
  • More DEFY XR Gameplay will be released.

Part 3

  • DEFY Gaming Community will create an environment for content creation and collaborations.
  • Events Building for all the members.
  • PVP and tournaments will be started for everyone.
  • Additional interactive missions for members.
  • Drone AI Scripting Tools and many more things.

DEFY Gaming Token Price And Details

The entire quantity of $DEFY is 2,500,000,000,000 tokens, which were generated once and distributed over nine pools. The supply is divided throughout numerous phases, and there will be no burning or additional minting to support the DEFY game as outlined.

With 5800 MAU and 2300 DAU, DEFY is now in closed Alpha with 5800 MAU. In the third quarter of 2022, DEFY will enter the Public Beta phase, when both premium and free-to-play paths will be introduced to expand the user population.

DEFY Game Token Details

To date, DEFY has performed two exceptionally successful NFT mints. Genesis NFT masks were exhausted in thirteen minutes on April 30. Uprising, the second generation of NFTs issued an extra 2,000 Virtual Private Masks in one hour on July 23. You can buy and trade the DEFY Token on the official Quickswap site.

Remember that the DEFY Mask NFT is required to play the game, and you may purchase the DEFY Gaming Masks NFT on Opensea by following this method.

How To Buy DEFY Gaming Mask NFT:

  • You need to have an ETH Wallet account, for example, Metamask.
  • You need to link your wallet to your Opensea account, then.
  • Go to the official DEFY Mask NFT Opensea page and purchase the desired NFT.
  • Your DEFY NFT will be successfully purchased and on your Metamask wallet shortly.