CryptoCitizen NFT Game, Token Price And Everything To Know

The Cryptocitizen NFT game is a new token-based environment that is fully integrated with the metaverse. It is a free-to-play, multiplayer online role-playing game with an engaging plot set in Ether Island, a dystopian futuristic ecosystem. Members will be able to participate in four separate games, including a hero shooter community warfare, shifting-based unauthorized drag racing, and turn-based PVP urban warfare, all wrapped up in an open-world experience.

The game is based on nfts which you can collect in the game. All in-game transactions will be done using cybercash ($ccash), a next-generation metaverse utility currency. Another cool feature is that all the members will also be able to choose from a range of characters, advance in the game, and become lost in the game’s everlasting environment.

Cryptocitizen NFT Game

CryptoCitizen NFT Game Main Features

The Cryptocitizen NFT Game is an MMORPG developed entirely on the Binance Smart Chain. The project is a sustained open-world game with several mini-games and services like advertisement, property, and estate development that will gradually come to life.
CyberCash ($CCASH), the crypto citizen Token, will be the Metaverse’s next-generation governance currency. Your citizen rating, and hence your faith and privileges in the city, are determined by the amount of $CCASH you own.

What Makes The Cryptocitizen NFT Token Game Unique

The Cryptocitizen token-based game is unique as each and every player can travel from destitute suburbs to metropolis downtown, with each zone having its own distinct aesthetics and being supported by the game’s improved economic structure. The main goal of the game is to amass as many riches as possible and acquire control of the city.

To do this, you must purchase properties, construct factories and skyscrapers, and engage in a variety of other activities that, if well managed, may provide substantial profits. The majority of blockchain games’ user experience and gameplay is not up to today’s standards and are insufficient for long-term user retention. Furthermore, the aesthetics and style of most blockchain games are more equivalent to 20-year-old games than to contemporary games.

People play such blockchain games primarily to make a profit, and as a result, they will more rapidly move to those that give bigger revenue. Thus, the purpose of blockchain games should be play-and-earn rather than play-to-earn.

Cryptocitizen NFT Game Utilities And Design

The CryptoCitizen NFT token is supposed to revolutionize the gaming industry. The project is sure to make a good impression and impress a lot of gamers by combining an open world with MMORPG gameplay and having an in-game currency using tokens in a way that has never been done before in blockchain gaming.

All gamers and project members will play an important role in making decisions about the gaming experience. All members are expected to participate in a variety of activities, including property acquisition and development, where gamers will be able to build and create their own utilities such as NFTs, taxation, marketing, and advertisement.

Cryptocitizen NFT Metaverse

Players will also be awarded an in-game Cryptocitizen token $CCASH for participating in the game and making wise decisions with their NFT assets, or they may just plunder other gamers in the Red Zone, where almost everything happens. CryptoCitizen has cutting-edge visuals, enhanced missions, and governance incorporated in the Citizen Leaderboard, which displays your trust and privileges in the city!

Control a rich society or an authoritarian tyranny. Players will be able to try out the game for free via the “Portal” function!

Cryptocitizen NFT Game Roadmap

Part 1

  • Binance & okx Cryptocitizen mystery box sale
  • Development of drag races
  • Development of street fights
  • Crypto citizen NFT Game alpha framework v0.1 and ether islands map layout

Part 2

  • The Cryptocitizen NFT Game will launch alpha testing for in-game drag racing
  • The street fighting mode in the game will begin
  • All citizen conflict participants will be getting cryptocitizen NFT drops
  • The team Qorpo will be doing marketing campaigns with some of the biggest European influencers.

Part 3

  • The closed alpha testing for the cryptocitizen conflict mode will be launched
  • The listing for cybercash will be initiated
  • The staking program for the game will also be launched
  • Members will gain access to districts 10 to 8 in the crypto citizen open world

Part 4

  • Cryptocitizen Game public alpha test for the race and fight mode will be released
  • The official launch of qorpo id game launcher and its marketing will be carried by the team
  •  Token holders in district 0 will be receiving Cryptocitizen nft drops
  • Access to new districts in the open world


Cryptocitizen NFT Token Price And Details

In the CryptoCitizen Metaverse, the deflation token is $CCASH represents the currency of the future. The current Cryptocitizen Token price is $0.08. All the token holders will be able to vote on the next steps in the evolution of Metropolit. Holding $CCASH allows players to enjoy the true Metaverse lifestyle, whether they intend to purchase property, develop skyscrapers, operate industries, perform banking services, or just drive the greatest vehicles and wear the most fashionable clothing.

Don’t forget about your responsibilities, such as increasing your present standard of living by collecting NFTs from different CEOs, collecting taxes from your citizens, or just staking your $CCASH!

Cryptocitizen Token

The long-term advantages of Cryptocitizen Game Tokens are due to two factors: the deflationary effect created by deleting tokens when all transactions are finished, and cyber trade encouragement of long-term token price development. By repurchasing at 50% of the number of primary sales, cyber trading fosters long-term token price stability. Furthermore, NFT land auctions are open to all stakeholders, providing for a greater return on investment.


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