Foxtopia NFT


Public Sale Price: 1 SOL

Collection Count: 6,900 Item



Website: Link




The Foxtopia NFT Team is a competent and community-driven team of gaming, art, and crypto fans that have contacted various community members to combine the most popular votes with every piece of artwork and design for the fox characters NFTs.


January 24, 2022


The team has guaranteed that every aspect of the project’s artwork is of the highest quality through rigorous discussions. Through its utility token and gaming, the community will pursue their lifetime passion for developing and bringing the Foxtopia NFT characters to life.

The Foxtopia is a magical hidden place within Solana where all the foxes and their allies coexist. The initial communities release will include 6,900 digitally hand-drawn foxes with over 190 characteristics.

Foxtopia NFT Project

The Foxtopia NFT Collection Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • The Foxtopia NFT Collection Mint will begin for all public and its whitelisted members.
  • The collection will be listed on various Foxtopia Marketplaces such as MagicEden, Solsea, Xchange Art and Artemis.
  • Kitsune DAO Governance will be launched.
  • Team Expansion.
  • Launching of various marketing campaigns.

Phase 2 :

  • Foxtopia NFT Staking will be introduced.
  • The Foxtopia official website will be upgraded.
  • Foxtopia Game’s first trailer will be released.
  • Expansion of Gaming Studio Partnership.
  • Companion NFT Drops.

Phase 3 :

  • Partnership with VC’s and IDO’s.
  • Allocation of Foxie Tokens for all the Foxtopia NFT holders.
  • The Gameplay Demo will be released along with another fantastic trailer.
  • NFT Holders will test the game out in its Beta stage.
  • Merchandise Stores.

Phase 4 :

  • The official launch of The Defence Of Foxtopia.
  • Unlocking the elements hidden in Foxtopia.
  • Expansion of Foxtopia Fantasy World Map.
  • Foxtopia NFT Collection will be integrated with the Metaverse.

Foxtopia NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Foxtopia NFT Price is 1 SOL, and its mint date is January, 24th 2022. The Whitelist pre-sale will start just half an hour earlier, which will be 10:30 PM UTC to 11 PM UTC. The maximum number of NFTs you can mint on pre-sale is 2 per wallet, and for the public mint, it is 7 per wallet.

The only official site where you can mint the Foxtopia NFTs is MagicEden, and you will be able to mint using Phantom (recommended) or Sollet wallets when the sale goes live.

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Foxtopia NFT Genesis Holders :

Magic Eden has advised against executing a masked airdrop for your free fox at this time due to the very crowded Solana network, which may cause difficulty with receiving and unmasking the foxes.

Magic Eden has supplied an option by randomly airdropping foxes directly into your wallets (for those who qualify) as soon as the public minting period concludes. This means that your airdropped fox will no longer be disguised and will be revealed as soon as you put it in your wallet.

Magic Eden will manage the entire procedure to assure randomization. For more information regarding this and other details you can check out the official Foxtopia NFT Discord channel.