Following the success of his previous NFT initiative, global football player Zlatan Ibrahimovi will release another NFT collection. On May 12, 2022, at 6 PM CET, the Swedish football legend will release ‘The Laws of Adrenaline – II’ on MakersPlace.

‘Law Of Adrenaline’ NFT Collection

Zlatan Pose

The A.C. Milan striker will be featured in original works by a collection of artists with diverse styles and backgrounds. Their works, which will be included in the NFT collection, are inspired by Zlatan’s most recent book, “Adrenaline: My Untold Stories.” The NFTs emphasise his essential qualities as a person and football player: strength, drive, sensitivity, and artistry.

Davide Petraroli, with his computer artwork “Project Zeus-Zlatan,” is one of these artists. High Snob aka Esklator, a musician, songwriter, and ex-graffiti artist, also contributed with the work “Nel pallone.” Finally, Giovanni Motta’s video “An Untold Story: Go Ramingo” depicts the narrative of a young Zlatan who finds the secret of life.

The NFT exhibition is the second of three, and it will be on display until late June. A reward will be given to any collector who obtains at least one open edition in each of the three Zlatan Ibrahimovi NFT drops. The project, created in partnership with “Corriere della Sera,” ArtsLife, Wrong Theory, ArtN, and G-Lor, is part of a larger initiative initiated by “Corriere” in September.

Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace, commented on the NFT decline as follows:

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Zlatan Ibrahimovi, one of the world’s finest athletes and now prominent art patron.” The decline in March was more than just a sellout. However, GionnyScandal’s auction earned a winning offer of 20ETH. Fans of Ibra may look forward to fresh artwork by Giovanni Motta, Escalator, and Davide Petraroli.”

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About Zlatan Ibrahimović And His Collection

Law of Adrenaline NFT

Zlatan is still a superb football player at the age of 40. He is presently a striker for AC Milan, one of the top clubs in Italy. He has also played for renowned football clubs such as Juventus, Barcelona, PSG, and Manchester United.

Ibrahimovi has also scored over 570 goals in his career. As a result, he is largely regarded as one of the all-time great strikers. He has also won titles in Europe’s top divisions, where he led his teams with his tremendous physicality, technical skill, and finishing.

Zlatan is also an avid art collector. He was heavily involved in the development of his first NFT collection with Makersplace, a worldwide NFT marketplace that takes both regular payments and cryptocurrencies.

He published his first book, “Adrenaline: My Untold Stories,” in December 2021. Each item of his first NFT project, done in partnership with ArtsLife, Wrong Theory, and ARTN, was inspired by eleven lines from the book. The works in the NFT collection were made by four notable Italian artists: GionnyScandal, Hexaract, Paolo Manazza, and Tresoldi.