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Flooz Gen F NFT is one of the first intersections of Web3 and Pop culture. It’s a collection of 10,000 electrically animated NFTs that take the shape of Avatars. Daily Paper, an Amsterdam- based streetwear chain, officially collaborated with Flooz World, a community-driven system of Tech Products.

 MINT DATE: February 1,2022


Flooz Gen F NFT Mint Price VS Floor Price Must Know!

With several feet dipped within the ranges of Web3, the start-up is charged with various products to deliver NFT-based solutions to Tech-related problems. Flooz Gen F NFT grants exclusivity towards various events, Metaversal activities, and all-around access to the Flooz Ecosystem.

This article takes a deep dive into the entire ecosystem of Flooz NFTs, products, their market value, statistics and sales, ways to buy, and lastly, should you invest?

A Brief Overview Of The Flooz Gen F NFT

Flooz Gen F NFT items10,000
Flooz Gen F NFT Floor price0.02 ETH
Volume Traded5,366 ETH

The Daily Paper X Flooz Affair Explained!

Daily Paper, an Amsterdam-based successful clothing company, with their widely respected community-first approach in the clothing industry, make their breakthrough in the NFT space whilst collaborating with Flooz. Flooz NFTs have dominated the social investment space for a while now.

The Flooz x Daily Paper collaborative NFT is called The Flooz Gen F NFT. Gen F stands for Generation Future, according to their intricately designed back store for the Flooz NFTs. These NFTs are Avatars that are reminiscent of the BAYC design and shall be collectibles in the Daily Paper Metaverse.

Of the 10,000 Flooz Gen F NFTs in supply, 3%, ie. 300 of them have marked with the signature Daily Paper traits, and thus are extremely rare as compared to the rest. These are reserved for the whitelisted, contributors, and supporters of the community.

Since Flooz is a tech company, its primary goal is to cater to any tech enthusiast. The Flooz Gen F NFTs are their way of showcasing their very first, groundbreaking use of their ‘Superkeys’ technology. This can tokenize and thus monetize any piece of content behind an NFT wall. This was the case with The Daily Paper X Flooz NFT. The NFT grants access to fashion events, cultural gatherings, hip-hop records, and many more!

The Complete Timeline For Flooz Gen F NFT

The Flooz Gen F NFTs launched on February 1st, 2022, and it took place in 3 phases. The wallet addresses were benignly selected depending on the phase. The phase 1 sale was secured for very exclusive wallets and the Flooz team.

Phase 2 began right after that day, on February 2nd when whitelisted members were allowed to Mint. Phase 3 was the Dutch auction, anyone could take part in this drop. And the price for the same was then announced on the Flooz NFT Discord server, being 0.1 ETH.

A Key To The Future: Superkeys And Flooz Gen F NFTs

The Flooz Gen F NFT roadmap caters to audiences young and woke, as well as experienced NFT connoisseurs. According to the Flooz Gen F Discord server, the roadmap follows a theme of Access Utility.

The first pillar bolstering their roadmap is the flamboyant use of Superkeys technology, to give access to the Daily Paper Metaverse. Even for exclusive drops, events in real life, and more finery in the fashion industry.

Every Flooz NFT has a facial contraption plastered as its image. These shall take the form of 3D Avatars in the Metaverse. The launch date for these is as of 9th February 2022.

The Flooz NFT Marketplace is also under development, and there one can get access to wearables for each avatar.

Since the Flooz Gen F NFT grants access to the Flooz community and its community. One of the Flooz products is called Flooz.Link. This product laces a link to your content with an NFT superkey. The Flooz Gen F NFT grants access to this.

Further down in their roadmap, the Flooz Gen F NFT holders see an application of their NFT in the Flooz. Trade service, where the NFT shall avail access to referrals and discounts.

Interspersed along their plan are regular online Ask Me Anything sessions with the Flooz Team, and exclusive interviews with magnates from iconic brands.

Lastly, the Flooz Gen F roadmap comes with development status for a clubhouse that keeps culture above, and net worth and status games below it. This reinstates the community-driven approach facilitated by Daily Paper. In the future, from the 9th of February, the Flooz Team promises to herald financial opportunities for all its members.

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Flooz Gen F NFT Statistics For Floor Price And Volume Trade

How To Buy Flooz Gen F NFT

The Current Price Vs Mint Price Originally

The Flooz Gen F NFT Floor Price as of 25th January 2024 is 0.02 ETH (OpenSea) . And Flooz Gen F NFT Mint Price, on the date of its launch, was set at 0.05 ETH, and 0.1 ETH, for the whitelist, and the public respectively.

The Total Volume That Has Been Traded

The Total Traded Volume as seen on the Flooz NFT OpenSea page is 5,366 ETH. Seeing a very parabolic curve in 1 week from its launch, the volume has been peaking going deep into November, with at least 200 NFTs being sold daily.

The Price Predictive Analysis For The Flooz Gen F NFT

With tremendously fashionable Twitter and Instagram updates from both Daily Paper and Flooz, the Flooz Gen F Price Prediction states that it shall gradually increase. The floor price at the launch was 0.1 ETH, and now its release, on December 27th, the price was at 0.1081 ETH. It’s still young, and a good time to invest, as of December 27th.

How You Can Buy Flooz Gen F NFT

When it comes to the question of how to buy Flooz Gen F NFT, it’s an easy answer. They have officially listed trades on the OpenSea page, and Minting began on the Flooz NFT discord. This can be done using ETH and any wallet like Metamask.

In Conclusion…

This is one of the first healthy collaborations between a successful tech company and a woke fashion brand. This offers great value for physical real-life products and major use cases for monetizing your content. The NFT just serves as a key to the future encased in a sleek-looking avatar. Major gains and fashionable exits too.

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