Ultimate Guide For NFTs: Events and Talk Shows

This Ultimate Guide for NFTs will help you learn everything about NFTs, like how to create, buy, and sell NFTs. We will be hosting Online meetings and podcasts with people from the crypto and NFT world. We will be covering essential things and guides for people who are beginners in NFTs. Explore more about our NFT Talks below!

About Abhishek Singh (Event Organiser)


Abhishek is a Digital marketing graduate with extensive experience in writing and organising events for finance, lifestyle, and tech. He has worked with numerous marketing and advertising agencies throughout his professional career. His interest in the world of Gaming and technology motivates him to stay informed about every little detail and write with passion.

NFT Drops Calendar is committed to providing regular people with the knowledge they need to navigate the cryptocurrency and NFT industries and invest in one of the most revolutionary technologies since the internet. Investing in cryptocurrencies should not be limited to Fortune 500 firms and institutional investors. Our mission is to educate global people about the sector so that they do not fall behind during the next financial and technological revolution.

About our events

If you are a creator who wants to learn more about NFTs and how they may be used to promote your art and your business, then this will be the best guide for you!

NFT Artwork

Why You Should Join?

  • Sign up for a 1-week program to kickstart your NFT art experience.
  • Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain, cybersecurity, and digital asset management.
  • Receive assistance in selecting and developing NFTs, as well as opening your personal and virtual shop.
  • Gain marketing insights and interact with a worldwide community of artists and collectors.
  • The guided workshop will conclude with a chosen selection of artists’ NFTs being presented in an online virtual show.

The goal of this guide and event will be to assist Creators better understand NFTs and how to use the platform to bring their masterpieces to a global marketplace while still protecting their intellectual property. The course will be immersive in nature, allowing participants to become acquainted with NFTs and be guided step by step through the process of minting their first piece of digital art while learning the principles of Blockchain technology.

Time and Channels:

  • The starting dates are June 28, July 17, August 18, and September 22.
  • During the course week, there will be three sessions: two 80-minute webinars on Mondays at 6 PM CEST, and one 60-minute Open Studio Session on Sunday at 5 PM CEST, participants are encouraged to bring all of their questions and doubts forward as they move through the process.
  • For each session, recordings will be made available.
  • All participants will get access to a private Discord channel where they may ask questions and receive answers from our team members.

Summary of the Event

  • What Exactly Is an NFT?
  • The Origins of NFT
  • The Advantages of Creating and Selling NFTs
  • Cryptocurrency Safety
  • How to Make a Wallet
  • How to Fill Your Pocketbook
  • How to Join NFT Marketplace – Solana, Exchange
  • Popular Artworks
  • How to Create an NFT
  • How to List and Sell NFTs
  • NFT Auctions and Bidding
  • How to Purchase an NFT
  • How to Grow an Audience
  • Why NFTs should include royalties.
  • NFTs can now have metadata and unlocked content.
  • Make a collection to keep digital goods in.
  • 3D environments, galleries, and event venues from NFT
  • How to Cash Out Your NFT
  • NFTs’ Carbon Footprint Copyright Protection with NFTs
  • Smart Contracts
  • Web3 fundamentals

About NFT Drops Calendar Team

The NFT Drops Calendar team mainly consists of few website developers, content creators, UI/UX Devs and few other people who manage the running of the website. Our team is highly motivated and experienced regarding NFTs and Blockchain field. We publish the best NFT Drops regularly that are happening this year and update them weekly. You can learn a lot about the events and what makes them popular and you can also become a creator just like them.


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