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Dem Apples NFTs are designed by Griffin Goodman who is a known Chicago-based artist. These NFTs have over 125 different traits spread across 6 layers. Each layer has several traits of varying rarities that are assigned at random during image generation which makes them all unique.

 MINT DATE: September 12,2022


Dem Apples NFT Launch Details Know all about Dem Apples Drop !

Dem Apples create a fusion between the physical and metaverse which is fun, goofy, playful, full of joy, and inspiring. While some Dem Apples claim to be tastier and rarer than others (randomly generated from over 125 possible traits), they all provide access to one-of-a-kind experiences and opportunities centered on Griffin, his art, his shows, and his upcoming releases.

Dem Apples NFT Roadmap :

At 10%

Rather than delivering members an edible apple, the Dem Apples NFT Community will organize a Dem Apples limited edition art print giveaway only for Dem apple holders. One of the lucky ten members of the community will win a Dem apple print.

At 25%

Five apples will be harvested at random and distributed to five members of the community. The offer will only be available to the first 25% of Dem apple owners.

At 50%

To mark the halfway point of the harvest season, ten apples will be given away at random to ten lucky community members. The Dem apple team will start working on the voting process in order to give the earnings to hunger-relief organizations throughout the world. The community fund has now reached a total of 13.25 ETH.

At 75%

T-shirt giveaway with Dem Apples. A Dem Apple, as well as a limited edition t-shirt design (featuring your apple), will be given to 15 members of the community… that you can put on in the real world

At 100%

Griffin, the Dem apple artist, has many gallery displays scheduled for the coming year in cities throughout the world (including Chicago, London, and others). You can meet and greet Griffin during the opening week of any of Griffin’s solo concerts in the coming year.

Join the #SoloShows discord channel to stay up to speed on where and when events are taking place, as well as how to register. The community fund has now reached a total of 26.5 ETH. Prepare for a discord vote on which charities we should support.

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Dem Apples NFT Community And Giveaways :

Dem Apples NFT Project

There are regular giveaways on the Dem apple discord servers from which you can get a hold of your rare and special Dem apple, Dem apple print, T-shirts, and much more. NOTE-Only 50 of the rare Dem apples will be given away, on special giveaways.

There is a community fund as well which will receive 10% of the total proceeds and secondary market royalties collected. The goal of this fund is to give the majority of the money to community-voted charities, with the remainder going toward building out the Dem Apples team and community. 

Dem Apples NFT Drop/Launch Date – Mint Details :

The launch date for Dem Apples NFT will be in January 2022. Dem Apples will be minted entirely through the official website. On the day of the launch, people will be able to mint their Dem Apple at the top of the website and to complete the transaction, you must connect your ERC wallet (via Metamask) and follow further instructions.

You will be able to mint 20 apples per transaction only and after purchasing you have complete control and ownership of that particular Dem Apples NFT edition. If you decide to resell your Apple on a secondary market, the authors of Dem Apples will receive a 5% royalty on the transaction (10 percent of which will go back into the community fund).

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