Crypto Ralph NFT – Mint Price, Public Sale Date, RoadMap & More

10,000 unique Crypto Ralph entrepreneurs on the Solana Blockchain designed to take over the crypto world, all holders will gain club access to unique benefits regarding the future direction of the roadmap.

The Crypto Ralph NFT team is a group of entrepreneurs and digital artists that came together and collaborated on this special project!

Crypto Ralph NFT Mint Price & Public Sale Date

Crypto Ralph NFT Mint Price

The minting price is 0.8 Solana and the mint date starts on 26th June and lasts till 03rd July 2022.

Crypto Ralph NFT Roadmap

Crypto Ralph NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: All minters will get a free NFT

Phase 2: Get a free penthouse in the metaverse to display your NFTs

Phase 3: Three holders will be nominated to be CEO of the company and only 1 will be voted CEO by the community

Phase 4: We will be turning the company over to the community so the entire community will own a piece of the company which includes voting

Phase 5: The company is now in your hands ( the community)


Crypto Ralph NFT are creating a penthouse in the metaverse where everyone can display their NFT.

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