Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.08 ETH

Collection Count: 8000 Item



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Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT is the newest resident of the Ethereum blockchain and is rapidly growing in popularity.


July 22, 2022


The Boba Inu Sugar Club has 8000 NFTs with an aim to directly bring the best metaverse night market party to the holders. The project draws its inspiration from the Inu Shiba dog and the delicious Boba tea of SouthEast Asia.

This article will discuss statistics, roadmap, price, price prediction, where to buy, etc., of the Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT.

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT – All About Drop

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT - All About Drop

The team behind Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT believes that all our thoughts, believes and inspiration is mostly drawn from our background. This NFT project honors the passion of local Boba tea providers who relentlessly provide sweet and delicious drinks on hot summer days.

That is why they randomly created Each Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT from a collection of over 180+ qualities with varying levels of rarity and difficulty. Each NFT has a unique blend of boba pearls, accessories, backdrops, and little inspirations from anime characters.

Later, the team plans to utilize the funds generated from the sale to establish a product business and collaborate with international artists. This will help promote the brand and make the BISC NFT a global Phenomenon.

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT Drop Date: Second Quarter 2022.

The project is still in the development phase, so the Boba Inu Sugar Club lunch date is not finalized yet. But the team plans the NFT project for the second quarter of 2022. After that, Individuals on the whitelist will have the opportunity to mint Boba Inu Sugar Club before the general public. Members of the Whitelist will get priority access to the reduced presale and special freebies during the minting process.

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT Mint Price

The Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT mint price is 0.08 Eth + gas fees. We will update you when the NFT drops on Metaverse. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself updated with this BISC NFT by following the social media handles.

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT Roadmap

The commencement of the Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT begins with establishing BISC Community and social media handles. The team then will hold various social events, community activities, and many more. After this, all BISC NFT holders who got added to a whitelist will have first priority access in upcoming collaborations.

In the second quarter of 2022, Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT will have its first presale and public sale. After that, the team plans to build their Merch business on multiple eCommerce stores. Here BISC NFT holders will get the merchandise at a discounted rate. At the same time, Genius and Legendary holders will have 30 percent and 50 percent pie of the profits.

After that, the Boba Inu Sugar Club team plans to introduce these NFTs into the metaverse with the help of 3D designers. Then the utility token $Sugar will be launched. Here the holders will receive the Sugar token every day based on the classification of the NFT they are holding.

After its launch, the team will also add other GameFi features to this project. The team also plans to have different uses of the Sugar token where users can exchange them for gift cards.

Finally, Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT will collaborate with media partners and influencers to further its brand recognition and make it a go-to NFT brand for quirkiness and uniqueness.

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT Rarity

This Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT rarity has three different types of rarity. In addition, the website of the Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT will include a rarity index after its launch, so visitors can see how scarce their NFTs are.

About 90% of all the NFTs will fall under the common category, and users will earn a passive income of 1 $Sugar/day. The genius and the Legendary category holders will have a more significant share of the pie with 5 and 20 $Sugar/day respectively.

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT Sales, Statistics, And All About Numbers 

The Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT will hold its public sale after the presale is completed. That is why we cannot confirm the Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT floor price at this moment.

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT Price Prediction

The Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT opensea has not yet been released. This project focuses more on Asian culture, and we know countries like the Philippines have a large NFT user base. So we can say that this project will skyrocket upon launch.

How To Buy Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT Mint Date

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If you’re wondering how to buy Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT, consider the following steps:

To buy a Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT, you must first have an Ethereum compatible wallet. We recommend Coinsmart Wallet for beginners, which comes with the security and flexibility of multi-device support. New users will also benefit from the $20 signing bonus.

You can also opt for Gemini exchange, where the smooth navigation is ideal for beginners and experienced traders.

Step 1: Open A Coinsmart Account
Before buying Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT, you need to open an account with an exchange like Coinsmart or Gemini. Coinsmart also offers a $20 sign-up bonus which can be helpful for beginner crypto investors and traders.

Step 2: Buy Ethereum.
When trading on regulated exchanges, provide KYC. After KYC verification, you may start buying Ethereum using fiat money.

Step 3: Open A Metamask Wallet.
You can now store cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens in Metamask. Don’t forget to save your seed phrase after setting up your Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Send Ethereum.
Then transfer your Ethereum from the exchange to Metamask.

Step 5: Connect Metamask And Marketplace
You can manually enter the wallet address or scan the QR code to connect them. You will then connect your wallet to Opensea’s network.

Step 6: Buy Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT
Find the Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT you wish to purchase. Send an offer or just click “Buy Now.” OpenSea will notify you after the NFT has been credited to your wallet.

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Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT is a unique project which aims to attract individuals with nostalgia for their childhood anime and pop culture. Additionally, because of the significant Asian influence on the project, anyone who likes Boba Tea (Bubble Tea), is interested in Asian culture, or has Asian ancestry and background would be enthusiastic about it.

Soon the Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT is launching, and let’s see what the future holds for this NFT project.