Looking for the best NFT Horse Racing Projects and Games 2024? Among the newest trends in the world of NFTs are the ‘breathing NFTs’. They possess a DNA of their own, not unlike living beings. This trend, in starting 2024, brought another NFT novelty–NFT Horse Racing Games.

The era of virtual horse racing has begun. You may wonder what it is, and which are the best NFT horse racing platforms on the web 3.0. Here’s a blog covering all this, and more. 

NFT Horse Racing Explained!

So, what exactly is NFT horse racing? It is a virtual horse racing e-sport where users can pit their digital horses against others in an NFT horse racing. The players get to choose between free and paid races, the free races helping them track their progress. Like in real-life sports, there are breeders who breed and sell their horses for profit. You can also own or rent your own stable on the metaverse.

The e-sport has captured the fancy of several NFT enthusiasts and collectors. Sports enthusiasts have also been drawn to NFTs because of this gaming innovation. Presently, the three-point structure of NFT Horse Racing Gaming Projects includes Trading, Horse Racing, and Breeding. 

Top NFT Horse Racing Projects: The Elite Four

Several platforms have cropped up because of the popularity of Digital Horse Racing. Let’s check out the Best NFT Horse Racing Projects on the web 3.0:

1) DeRace – NFT Horse Racing Metaverse Project

DeRace - NFT Horse Racing Metaverse Project

DeRace isn’t only an NFT Racing Metaverse Platform, but also a whole racing ecosystem on the blockchain. DeRace caters to the large market of Video Gaming. Among the Top NFT Horse Racing Projects, DeRace doesn’t only allow you to race on the platform. It allows for breeding the digital horses and earning through the trade.

DeRace is also the first of the many blockchains of the NFT Horse Racing website. DeRace is driven by $DERC. The entire ecosystem and its transactions are carried out in this token, which is also available for staking, which is listed at uniswap, pancakeswap, gate.io, and crypto.com. 

The NFT Horses on the platform are built on multiple traits. First, every individual horse has a unique visual appearance. Second, their traits are also different for them. Rarity, performance, and cool-down time are some of the varying features of the NFT horses. The NFT Horse Racing is built upon the RNG technology. The winner gets the percentage of participation fees, while also having additional prizes. The breeding on the platform happens via Ethereum Smart Contract and Genetic Algorithm, making it authentic and unique, while true to real-life breeding. 

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2) Pegaxy – Best NFT Play To Earn Horse Racing Project 2024

Pegaxy - Best NFT Play To Earn Horse Racing Project 2022

Pegaxy is the galaxy of Pegasus. Pegas (the horses) are the descendants of the mighty Pegasus. Pegaxy is dipped into mythology yet carries a futuristic styling. This USP marks it among the Best Play to EarnNFT horse racing projects. The Polygon/Matic Layer 2 solution hosts this metaverse game. The gaming utility token is VIS (Vigorus), while the governance happens using PGX (Pegaxy Stone). 

Pegaxy has four different types or ‘bloodlines’ as they call it, of NFT horses. The commonest ‘Zan’, Klin, Compana, and the rarest ‘Hoz’. Even the types of breeding differ. The most common one is Founding. Then there are Legendary, Epic, and Rare Breeding. Pacer Breeding is the least common and most rewarding. For Pegaxy, the racers must understand their horse type, and the breeding they want to inculcate to have the best racing horses. 

Player vs Player is a game in which 12 horses race against each other, with the top three earning rewards. The 12 highest-rated players monthly fight it out for the Annual Grand Dash Tournament. The challenge in the race is the elemental conditions-with the random presence of wind, water, and fire in the gameplay.

In Pegaxy, even if you don’t own a horse, you can race by renting. There’s a renting marketplace where the breeders can earn profits from their horses via renting. It makes the gameplay more competitive and open while giving breeders a chance to earn without trading, an incentive for good breeding.

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3) Zed Run: Best NFT Horse Racing Gaming Project In 2024

Zed Run Best NFT Horse Racing Gaming Project In 2022

Zed Run brings simplicity to NFT Horse race gaming with its clean gaming experience. With several events that run round the clock, Zed Run’s focus remains on gaming. The game involves four bloodlines of NFT horses. The rarest, Nakamoto, has very low availability and very high winnability.

Szabo and Finney are also comparatively rare, with availability ranging from very low for Szabo to low to medium for Finney. Buterin is the easily available bloodline. Genotype purity ranges from very high to medium, depending on the rarity of the bloodline. NFT horses can be purchased at OpenSea using Ethereum or other tokens and coins. 

Since there’s an easy winnability for super rare bloodlines, the events and tournaments are categorized to create an even chance of winning. There are seven classes of Zed Run events, defined by the rating of the horses. A scale of 0 to 81+ is used to rate horses in-game.

A higher rating translates to participation in higher-ranked events and tournaments. The lower rating means the breeder or racer needs to take part in further events to improve their rating and climb up the ladder. There are multiple tournaments for every category, including the Podium Plate, Keep on Winning, and the Fibonacci Cup.

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4) Silks NFT: Ongoing NFT Horse Racing Project In 2024 For Gamers 

Silks NFT Ongoing NFT Horse Racing Project In 2024 For Gamers

Silks NFT retains the core of the engaging and skill-based game of horse racing, only marrying it with innovation. The game is tied to the real thoroughbred racing game in the US. Every year, 20,000 thoroughbred foals are born and registered as racehorses.

In a year, with proper breeding, they can begin racing. Silks NFT creates the same platform for gamers and NFT enthusiasts. The game plans to democratize the gameplay while gamifying the experience using blockchain-enabled metaverse. 

The game is based on the Play to Earn model. The P2E model is rewarding, making Silks NFT part of the Top NFT Horse Racing Projects.

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What Are The Benefits Of NFT Horse Racing?

Virtual horses are easier to maintain than real-world horses. The in-game experience can often be more rewarding owing to the availability of the action up-close. In real-life, transactions in the racing world can take a while. In virtual horse racing, transactions are almost instantaneous.

They are also secure owing to the blockchain networks. Once a user picks the game and starts learning about the various bloodlines, the gameplay, and other elements like conditions, they can start picking up the horses or even renting them. The chances of earning are higher, while there’s a reward for 24×7 engagement. 

FAQs On NFT Horse Riding Projects 

1. How Much Is A Nft Race Horse?

An NFT racehorse can be purchased for as low as a couple of thousand US Dollars. The most expensive racehorse sold as of now costs $125000. Factors such as bloodline, genotype, age, and gaming platform determine the price of an NFT racehorse.

2. How Do You Buy A Nft Race Horse?

You can buy an NFT racehorse from NFT marketplaces. Some platforms, like DeRace, have their own marketplaces while ZedRun NFT horses are available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

3. Is Zed Horse Racing Legit?

Zed Digital Horse Racing Project isn’t only legit but also a profitable venture for most gamers and investors. There’s an opportunity to earn, as Zed Run is going to get bigger, especially with the investment of ATARI, which will bring better gameplay and graphics.

NFT Horse Racing Gaming Projects: Summing It Up

NFT Horse Racing Platforms have grown from the first half of 2024, and have big players backing the games. Round-the-clock gaming provides an immersive and engaging experience. There’s the scope of earning through the NFT Horse Racing games as well. The blog has NFT horse racing explained. We’ve also listed the Top NFT Horse Racing Projects, which will help the readers get started with the gameplay.