Artsies Collective NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.07 ETH

Collection Count: 5,555 Item



Website: Link




The Artsies Collective is an art, fashion & events NFT project holding the first collection of 5,555 Fine Art digital collectibles on ETH blockchain.


June 27, 2022


Those who will mint/ buy 1+ of the 5,555 NFTs from the primary sale will benefit from receiving a 5% lifetime royalty on their NFT. That means that if you, as a buyer, decide to sell one of your ArtC, you’ll benefit from its selling price + 5% of all future transactions that NFT goes through.

Artsies Collective NFT Mint Price & Public Sale Date

Artsies Collective NFT Mint Price , Public Sale Date , RoadMap, Rarity

The minting price is 0.07 ETH and the mint starts from June 27 to July 04 2022.

Perks Of Owning One Of Artsies Collective NFT

PERK 1: Physical Artsy

Randomly pick 50 Artsy holders on the pre-sale and ship them their signed Artsy Canvas.
Randomly pick 100 Artsy holders on the public mint and ship them their signed Artsy Poster.

PERK 2: Artsy Kimono In Your Wardrobe

Randomly pick 5 Artsy holders and ship them theexclusive Artsy wearable IRL.

PERK 3: Artsies Collective Membership

ArtC’s holders will automatically be members of the Collective and have direct & free access to the events, and exclusive gatherings both in the physical and digital world. Upon the creation of the physical Studio 3.0 (2024), and will prioritize helping & supporting creators who hold the ArtCs.

PERK 4: Metaverse

Artsies Collective NFT Roadmap

Your NFT membership gives you access to a lot of benefits in the upcoming Studio 3.0 in the metaverse. (fashion shows, online exhibitions, and workshops) as well as the opportunity to expose your Art in the gallery.
You also receive a wearable Kimono in the Metaverse.

Artsies Collective NFT Roadmap

Manifesting a hybrid, expressive & fluid Artsies Utopia IRL and in Web3.0

A Community Of Life-Time Art Investors

Primary holders perks- 5% of secondary sales for life → The team are glad to make investing in Fine Arts collectibles possible for everyone & anyone. The team is proud to empower the community through one of the first computer-generated Fine Art collections in the NFT world, made by an up & coming artist.

Limited Edition Artsy Kimonos

Juju’s designer Kimonos, wearable IRL → 5 lucky owners receive free kimonos, the rest of the collection can be purchased only by the holders via the website.

Extraordin-Ar(Ts)Y Events IRL

Hosting eclectic & unforgettable events across Lisbon, Paris, London & other cities. The team will exhibit new artists and musicians/ Djs, followed up by sensational parties.
Exclusive access for the global Artsy members! Dress up, get wild and lose yourself to dance!
Exclusive access to all of Juju’s future exhibitions and Fashion shows.

Catwalk & Network With Us In The Metaverse

Artsy exhibitions and Fashion shows in the metaverse: an opportunity for like-minded people to gather and connect virtually around innovative and futuristic shows.

Podcast: Discussing Inner Creativity And Mental Health With Diverse Artists.

Through the inclusive, multicultural, and hybrid art hub, The team create a space where inspiring artists can talk about the relationship between their creative journey, self-development, and mental health. In doing so, they hope to inspire all to embrace their inner genius without fear.

Partnerships And Collaborations

The team is committed to keep spreading the message and grow the beautiful artistic communities with other Artsy minds. The team will be doing partnerships and collaborations with artists, brands, and galleries that align with the values and vision.

Studio 3.0 (2024)

Creation of a studio where they will welcome, empower and support young artists of the community to launch their Art both IRL and virtually.

Artsies Collective NFT Rarity

Artsies Collective NFT Rarity


  • Make-up: 54
  • Dresses: 50
  • Hair: 34
  • Backgrounds: 32
  • Accessories: 17
  • Skins: 12
  • Outlines: 2


  • Croquis: 50
  • Chromatics: 30
  • Specials: 35